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Nerves and burning sensation


Curious of those who have the burning sensation how long it lasts and how/if you are able to treat it?

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I get burning pain especially on my feet, but can happen anywhere. My feet burn on a daily basis, other places come and go.

Nothing really helps - I use cooling foot gel/spray for short term relief and sleep with feet out of the covers

Hi Hazel, this is one area I have been unable to find anything that helps. For me I get it mainly on top half of the body, arms shoulders and scalp and it's like having servere sun burnt skin (i have since a teen). All it takes is a gentlest of brush hair anywhere and thats it ouch! I guess for women who have children it could be compared to the sore feeling after breast feeding.

Hazel_AngelstarAdministrator in reply to Rosethornend

Yes, the sunburn feeling is how many people describe it. It's nerve/neuropathic pain

Hi Hazel_AngelsterI have this same burning my back, bum down my legs and arms I can touch it. Not very pleasant.

Hazel_AngelstarAdministrator in reply to Chezze

It's a horrible pain

I also literally have what I call burning foot syndrome everyday , it normally gets worse as the day goes on. I periodically get burning shooting pains in my back which can last from a few minutes to a few days. Prevailing has helped dampen down the ones in my back from all the time to periodically. A wet cold flannel or cold gel or spray sometimes helps my feet and I also stick them out of bed at night.x

Knees and arms is where it effects me I was taking etoricoxib with duloxatine but the doc has taken me off etoricoxib due to stomach bleeds that it can cause if on it long term 😢 it was working great too 😩

Being taken off something that actually works must be so frustrating. It can make you wonder why you are put on them in the first place as they are not long term solutions.

Do you notice symptoms more in day/night or both?

I wish you luck in finding the right treatment.

At the moment it’s both but think the cold has a lot to do with it so I try and keep warm as much as possible..I’m gonna give it a few more days and if no better I want the doc to maybe move on to another drug for me I can’t carry on like this day after day

I have the same especially in my hands fingers feet and toes feels like electric shooting out had it since a teenager and got worse with age still not found anything that helps getting harder to cope

Hi Rosethornend 😊🌿🌸🦋

I’m across the pond and have serious neuropathy pain all over but my feet are the worst especially at night.

I consulted the top Neurologist at the University of Michigan Dr. Eva Feldman and because I have multiple overlapping conditions that cause nerve pain she placed me on gabapentin plus Lidocaine ointment for my feet. I dampened my feet slightly then would rub the ointment in all over but concentrated on my soles. It worked great until a few other conditions interfered and the ointment would trap in the heat caused by a very rare condition I have.

I then started using Aspercreme with lidocaine cream and it worked great for a long time.

I’m sure you could ask your chemist to suggest something comparable.

I’m so sorry you and all who replied are suffering with this.

It’s truly is debilitating and is always worse by bedtime.

Hope you find relief soon.

Best wishes.

EJ 😊🤗💗😘🙏🕊🌿🌸🦋

Hi, this is really useful stuff! It's so frustrating when things overlap. I shall look into your suggestions. Fingers crossed I find something gives some sort of relief.

Thank you 🤞

I’m glad you think it is useful. I sure hope you have success and can get some relief and sleep.

Best wishes hun.

EJ 😊🙏🕊🌿🌸🦋

Yes most mornings and if I get up in the night. Burning soles of feet and palms of hands. Sometimes face. Hands look bright red. Can last for up to an hour. Painful. I take pregabolin.

Rosethornend in reply to Crex

Have you had this symptom long? Glad you found something that worked for you.

Crex in reply to Rosethornend

Since a back operation in September but I did have odd nerve sensations before that and restless legs for many years. Convinced all to do with my spine and nerve roots.

Rosethornend in reply to Crex

If it started after your back operation it certainly sounds like this could be the cause I agree.Maybe mention this to your doctor (if you haven't already).

I hope it settles.

22amethyst in reply to Crex

I started with mine after falling off a ladder 😩🤪

Yes, same here. Can be for a few hours upto days and days at a time before it shifts, or reduces. Not found anything efective for it really.

Do you find weather effects you more? I have found for this paricular symptom weather makes no difference. The only thing I would say is my fingers and toes more painful in cold so i try to keep them wrapped up and bathe them in warm water.

I mostly get it on my thighs and arms so it’s not an extremeties thing, doesn’t seem to be weather related. More stress than anything

Hi rosethornend, I get burning feet , mostly around my toes, nearly every day, usually near bedtime. Nothing helps so I just make sure I'm not wearing socks. In bed I have to stick my feet out of the bedclothes. I also get the tingling rash feeling and that can be anywhere although it's usually in bands around my upper arms, upper legs or around my waist. Nothing helps with this and it lasts for a day or two and then just disappears. It's never in more than one place at the same time.

It's strange isnt it. I know we can all generally feel more symptoms at night due to feeling more relxed and aware of ourselves etc. It's also interesting the areas people experience these sensations.Have you had these symptoms a while?

I wonder if massage could help? (i must look into)

Yes I've had them more than ten years. I've never been officially diagnosed with FMS and don't particularly want to be but two GPs have said it is and I am convinced of it.

Nobody wants a tag but its better to know whats causing issues and to learn how to manage it.

It is something that can take years to diagnosed and even then the symptoms can over lap so many other conditions hence the reason it takes so long.

I would describe Fibromyalgia as a "catch 22" situation. You can get diagnosed but still not enough is known about it to treat it as effectivly as possible (everyone copes differently).

A diagnosis will at least put your mind to rest and you can figure out from there the treatments that work best for you whether mecidinal or natural.

Its important to point out having Fibromyalgia does not mean its the end of the world. It means you may need a few lifestyle changes and educate others what your individual needs are.

Good luck!

I hope you find out soon.

I use voltaran and ice packs and massage

So massage helps you. I must try this!

Hi, I get prickly, thorny, burning nerve pain in both hands and feet all the time and have done for the past 6-7 years (been diagnosed with CFS/ME but also think it could be fibro due to the type of pain I get)

I’m on gabapentin which does seem to help but doesn’t completely take it away. I can have it badly for 3 weeks at a time and then more mildly on and off.

I’m not sure if anyone else gets this, but once the pain dies down my hands and feet still feel numb and swollen and I find it hard to do things with them. Either that, or they are super sensitive to touch.

Has anyone tried cannabis oil for the pain? I’m thinking of trying that as well? I also find that hot water bottles help - more of a distraction technique I think!

Big hugs to all those in pain!

Yes I do. I have managed to come off all prescription painkillers, now I use cannabis oil.

Hi, Does the oil completely soothe aches and pains?

Hi Rose, it manages my pain better than pain medication was. But not absolutely pain free. But I have multiple conditions.

Thank you for this. Let me know if the oil works for you.

Hi Rosethorn & allJust an idea but have you tried capsaicin cream? It was prescribed for me by a pain consultant. It is made to distract the nerves & brain somehow by also burning slightly. There are write ups on the net plus it was covered in a pain program so might be on YouTube. I can’t give you proper feedback on it as it as my symptoms aren’t straightforward so it didn’t work for my needs but it has got a good reputation with pain doctors.

Anyway it might be worth a go.

Good luck in finding what works for you


Hi, no I haven't tried that. Will definately keep it in mind though! Thank you

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