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Fibro and menopause symptoms

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Hi everyone,

I was diagnosed with Fibro 3 years ago and also began the menopause the year before ( not a gradual drift into menopause, more like falling off a cliff), so I have widespread chronic pain and all the symptoms of menopause too.

I have also recently been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, which is no great surprise as I've put on 6 stone in 4 years due to a combination of lack of exercise due to pain, and being unable to cook due to lack of energy and also because of steroids GP insisted I used to help with swelling and inflammation for chronic middle ear infection which I actually needed a tympanomastiodectomy for.

I've gradually changed my work from 12.5 hr shifts (with night and day shifts within the same week), to 9.5 hr day shifts only, which has helped, but I'm still struggling.

I'm on amitriptyline, pregabalin and naproxen, with co-codamol for bad days, but due to Covid GP won't refer me to pain clinic at the moment.

Does anyone else suffer from hot flushes (well, just hot ALL the time actually), but also have painful hands and feet because they're actually ice cold ? My hands and feet are very painful, especially at night ( it's like Reynaulds where they go white), and that wakes me, but I also can't sleep if the window is not open or if I use more than a single sheet to cover myself at night.

Any ideas (apart from gloves and socks as I've already tried that) ?

16 Replies
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Hi, im new to this site too although not to Fibro. I too suffer with ear infections around 1 each month still looking for a way of stopping these or at least reducing them.As for sleep have you tried looking on line at the pillow cases that stay cool because of the materials used (silk i think) meaning you dont have to turn them over?

Good luck

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dippystuff in reply to Rosethornend

Hi, and thanks for the reply. I've used different pillows and cooling jel filled pads for under my head and a larger one for under my body (which work well for around 30 mins (after 30 mins I have to move the pads as I've warmed up the jel inside). Unfortunately nothing I've used works for more than around 30 mins, but that's often enough time for me to fall asleep again for an hour or two, so they at least help a bit.

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I've also been dealing with fibro and menopause for the last few days. Hrt has thankfully helped done symptoms, mainly flushes and sweats.

I have opposite problem to you.... I can be cold all over but my feet will be burning hot. So I have covers up to my neck and feet sticking out bottom trying to cool them down xxx

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dippystuff in reply to Hazel_Angelstar

Hi, and thanks for the reply. I've tried HRT, back when I fell off the cliff of menopause, but I got a lot of side effects, so the GP took me off it.

I sympathize with you. It's so hard when only certain parts of your body are cold , and the rest is on fire !


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Soya Isoflavones from H&B work quite good for flushing though they're quite pricey, only buy them when they're in the sale. Are your feet & hands numb? My hands go numb usually when I sleep but I think it's from nerve compression in my neck & I also have neuropathy. Have you had your VitB12 levels checked & do you supplement Vit D?

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Ballroomdiva in reply to CheetieCat

Hi Soya Isoflavones are good, BUT if like a lot of Fybro sufferers you have a Thyroid problem ( Hypothyroid particularly ) they can undermine the medication I believe. If you need more info or to double check I’m right pop over to the Thyroid side ..

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CheetieCat in reply to Ballroomdiva

Thanks for info, wasn't aware of this. Definitely good to know!

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Ballroomdiva in reply to CheetieCat

Well I would pop over to Thyroid side and look more into it but it is thought to block the function of the enzyme and hinder the uptake of the medication. 👍😊

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dippystuff in reply to CheetieCat

Hi, and thanks for replying.

I've had to have Vit B12 injections weekly for a few months about 2 years ago, as well as iron tablets as I was severely deficient for a while. My blood tests after that have been ok.

What does the Isoflavones from H & B do exactly ? How do they help ?

My hands and feet do go numb, but it seems to be just with cold ( I keep the bedroom very cold with windows open etc ) rather than anything else. They actually feel ''like blocks of ice'' while the rest of me is warm to touch, even with all windows open etc. My hands and feet go very white (even the nail beds) and are very painful, just like Reynaulds.

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CheetieCat in reply to dippystuff

Hi, what they actually do I'm not too sure of but they reduce the frequency of flushes, take note of Ballroomdiva's post though just incase! Just remembered there was another one I had from GP but side effects were yuk! Clonodine hydrochloride - just about had to rip your tongue off the roof of your mouth🙄🤪

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I've suffered with fibro for years but have just started the flushes in the last couple of months.I ordered sage tablets from amazon to try to stop the flushes so hopefully they help.. Have only been on them a few days so still too early to tell yet.

Have a read up on it and see what you think yourself.

Sorry you are having such a crappy time with the hands and vfeet and ear infections.. X

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dippystuff in reply to Budgielady

Thanks, keep us updated about how the Sage tablets help.

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Hi, like you I found that my fibromyalgia symptoms became so much worse when I hit the menopause! I started using soya milk on my cereal and in drinks, because it contains natural plant oestrogen, and I feel that it has improved things somewhat. I have also started to try and eat more healthily, lots of fruit and vegetables, instead of a chocolate snack, I have a satsuma or an apple. However I also experience the "feet" problems, they are either freezing cold or burning hot, or numb, or have pins and needles! I have had a nerve conductance test carried out on my legs and feet, but nothing abnormal found, so I just think it must be another weird fibromyalgia symptom!

I have had to start working part time, just four shifts of either 3 or 4 hours.

Not sure if I have helped much, but I hope it helps to know that you are not alone! Take care xx

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dippystuff in reply to phlebo123

Thank you for replying, it's good to hear I'm not alone !

It's reassuring to hear others have a similar issue, make me feel more 'sane' and not


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Hi I’m also going through menopause and suffer with fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis of spine and other joints, I found that high strength vit d helps but meno clinic also fitted the coil and I apply estriol gel as I’m only 42 and start peri in my late 30s

I can’t work anymore due to my mobility ( walk with crutches) and the memory problems that go along with both fibro and meno.

I found that other than vit d nothing really helped except cutting down on sugar and caffeine and I definitely don’t have the willpower for the last two on most days. I’m here if you need to sound off

Love Lynne

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dippystuff in reply to Bigears16

Thanks for your reassuring reply Lynne, I'll give the vit D a try, although I gave up taking vitamins after about a year as nothing except the B12, folic acid and iron tablets seemed to make any difference. The GP said that my gut wasn't 'friendly' to oral vitamins apparently 🙁.

I may struggle to cut down on caffeine though, as I'm a true addict. I'll often choose a coffee over food (and at work I often don't eat at all as I don't have time in a 30 min break).

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