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Fibro symptoms or not…?

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I’ve got a nasty cold at the minute and I’ve got the most awful pains in the base of my skull, neck, shoulders, and down the muscles of my back… I can’t tell if it’s the cold, or fibro, or a mix of the two 🤷

I’ve also got weak hands and the achy, fizzing pain through my legs and arms. Plus pain in my elbows and wrists.

And the exhaustion! I’m sleeping all day and night, lately and still shattered.

Jolly good fun, this fibromyalgia lark!

18 Replies
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Are you sure it’s not Covid?

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PenelopeClearwater in reply to SnazzyD

Well, according to the test, it isn’t… but 🤷

The trouble is, I get super tired and weak when I have a flare up. And aches, pains, sniffles etc are akin to so many different colds or viruses, it’s hard to differentiate 😅

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SnazzyD in reply to PenelopeClearwater

Testing is a nightmare and so variable. Personally, I know someone who took 5 days of full symptoms and daily LFT to test positive. Both my daughters took 2 days. My father-in -law who collapsed as his first symptom with Covid was negative on PCR and LFT that morning but positive by the evening on both. Another whose child was positive tested negative on PCR, had three negative LFT’s but tested positive on PCR three days later. I’ve been unwittingly in close, prolonged contact with infected people three times this year, had symptoms (the first was the worst) but tested negative throughout.

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PenelopeClearwater in reply to SnazzyD

I’m steering clear of everyone and not going out, so I’m doing all I can until I feel better 😊

I know the testing is very hit and miss 💙

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desquinnPartner in reply to SnazzyD

the person testing is a big variable in the testing success. Couple of days before a recent op I could swear the nurse was tickling my brain with one of the swabs.

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SnazzyD in reply to desquinn

Definitely. The person doing my paid for test prior to a flight barely touched me. Whilst I was relieved because I’m a terrible gagger, I wasn’t impressed.

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Yes! Jolly good fun! No-one talks about ordinary flu these days. Winter coming into Spring can be a strange time anyway and moon with its gravitational pull is waning now. Are we prepared to try anything ... like cutting an onion in half and placing it by the bedside? Old wives tales conferred magic upon this practice claiming that the onion absorbs the infection and then you throw it away and never let anyone eat it... Perhaps we could project all our fibro symptoms on it!!! Poor onion! Recover soon.

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I would say keep doing covid tests whilst you feel like this Have heard of so many people testing negative only to be positive days later

It seems to be an extremely "fragile" or contrary process!

Hope you feel better soon, regardless

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For the pains in base of skull ect try tapping around base of skull with a eraiser ended pencil gently but firmly. It stimulates the nerves. Its called occipital neauralgia thats what i had after having pneumonia and how my fibromyalgia started but i looked up a doctor alan mandell on youtube and watch his extremely helpful but simple non evaisive techniques that really do work. I was desperate when i had it as first lockdown prevented me from seeing a pain management clinic so did my own research. Simple but so effective ways of getting relief...hope it helps you have to persist..

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PenelopeClearwater in reply to Woodhouse16

Thank you! I’ll give that a go - will try anything! 💙

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Hi PenelopeClearwater sorry to hear you're having a rough time of it at the moment. Those symptoms you have listed, I've been experiencing them all too the last couple of weeks. The mornings have been very stiff around my neck, shoulders and spine for about 10 days now. After some light weights and a few stretches with my tension band I eventually start to ease up a bit. Try and get some sunshine on your neck and shoulders with a short walk if you can manage it. Have a better day 💟

I have flare ups exactly the same as this. Exactly the same. Its awful. Runs from your head down your neck and throat abd into your back. And arms and legs feel achey and painful. For me this is another kind of fibro flare up. Only thing that worked for my neck and shoulder pain was diazapam. Xxx

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PenelopeClearwater in reply to

Great to know I’m not going bonkers! I have the GP next week, so will ask about diazepam, as I’ve been thinking I need something to relax the muscles 💙

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Whiteclouds in reply to PenelopeClearwater

Hi, Diazapam is addictive they don’t like to prescribe them , good luck

in reply to Whiteclouds

Not going to lie....I buy them off a guy I know.....Doctor won't prescribed them. Only 2mg if they do and they are rubbish

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Good luck with getting Diazapam , they are like gold dust 😳

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I had the same pains as you after my fourth vaccine jab. It felt just the same as a flare up. I think we are all very vulnerable to everything and all situations.

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Hi Penelope my doctor told me it’s a nasty virus I’ve had it for 5 weeks it’s getting less painful each week but I’ve still got it along with a painful sore throat and pain all over my body. At the start my temperature fluctuated from 35 to 40 so I had two covid tests done both came back negative. I still have pain all over and have a doctors appointment tomorrow. Hope you start feeling better soon.

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