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Pip update


I had my telephone interview today with the pip assessment for mobility. It was really hard to speak about how my mental health affects me by the end I was crying I felt frazzled and violated. The man Danny who did my interview was really nice and understanding I hope he writes down properly how things affect me. Just got to wait now for them to send me there report I hope he isn't like the lady who first did my pip when I got the report it was as though she had interviewed someone else I had to appeal it twice. This time I have recorded it on my phone so I have that if they need it. I don't ever want to do it again though I feel exhausted mentally like iv had a 2 hour counselling session.

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Hi, it's bad enough talking about physical problems you have, but, having to say how your mental health affects you, I know from other lovely people I've 'met' online, can be very upsetting. The important thing is you got through it, so try to relax now.

I don't know if you know, but you can ring the DWP (tel: 0800 121 4433) in about a week's time, & ask for a copy of the assessor's report. The DWP's Decision Maker usually goes along with this, so it might give you an indication as to what any award might be, tho you would still have to wait for the actual decision letter.

Your phone recording may be useful for you to look back on, but likely won't be useful other than that, sorry to say.

Thank you x

Hi gemma glad it is over for the now

Hopefully you can get a good reward

If your comfortable to see your report you can phone up 7 to 10 days as mentioned

As with mental health it can be a bit uncomfortable as well and stressfull for you to see it at this time ,if the case just wait for letter first then ask for your report

Hi Gemma

I hope all goes well for you, I agree with you the whole process does not take place in a compassionate way and is very mechanical !

In your post you said you recorded the conversation. As far as I know you can only use this as admissible evidence at the tribunal if you gave advance notice to the other party and provided them with a copy. Fingers crossed 🤞 all is in your favour.

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