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Pip help with higher mobility


Hi everyone I have a PIP meeting on Wednesday to tey and get higher mobility for a car to help me get around does anyone have any tips to help me.

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Hi gemma, I'm unsure what you mean by tips to help you get the higher mobility? If your illness has become worse for you all you can do is be honest and tell them how things have changed for you. Good luck hopefully if you meet their criteria for higher mobility you will get what you deserve finger's crossed.

I mean how to speak to them I had trouble the first time everything I said she twisted it I am really nervous

I suffer with Mental health and walking as I arthritic in my joints and can't walk far, I still only got 10 points and I was struggling on the day with balance and moving about. They was not the case in her eyes all was untrue what she said about mobility and how I was well put together. It was dreadful and I was honest and truthful and still made no difference to my points, I am waiting to go to court disputing all the un -truths she said in her report.

Does anyone have any help with this matter. God ony knows I need it.

hi gemma, having went through this recently lets me give you some help. i was turned down cause the "health offical" decided i could do more than i can. what i have since found helpful going through the appeal process is although dwp can ask for our medical records they dont have too. so i suggest to contact your gp surgery you have to put this in writing or using email and ask for a copy of your medical records pertaining to when you were diagnosed( these are free for anyone) and take them with you. i would also suggest making a copy you can leave with them. i hope this helps you in some small way i find out nov 6th when i have my phone appeal if these help me but they did say to me i would be easier if they could see my records so heres hoping. fingers crossed for you

Thank you I got a text message today saying I will find out in 8 weeks I hope I can get the help I need x

Just try and remember the guidelines .it is upto 20 metres for the car ,if you struggle to do 20 metres say 18 metres if that applys

If any day you do more than 20 metres and are exhausted and cannot repeat it tell them be clear ,stick to a number that is for you and be clear and reasons why if it applys to you

It is upto 50 metres for standard you probaly know that

People with mental health issiues as well as mobility issiues can add the points together for both to get enhanced rate

It is harder under pip than dla to get the higher mobility

DizzytwoModerator in reply to Ajay575

I agree AJay, but if the persons illness has become worse for them surely that's what they need to tell them an be honest about it. Not tell them things that will help them just to get the higher rate. I'm not saying this is the case here.

Also let's no forget a lot of people actually lost their mobility higher rate when changing over to pip.

All I'm saying is if you have read the pip criteria and you think you meet it then go for it. Not everyone who gets the higher benefits have the same problems. So I was not sure what kind of info the poster was looking for to help them get a car if that makes sense 😂

Ajay575 in reply to Dizzytwo

Yeh ha ha .maybe the wordings .

Sometimes your worse as well and it does not make much difference to the points for award.

It is just so harder now to get the car as well

Also vital to get professional advice if you also have mental health issuies as it becomes complex

Walking 200 metres 4 points and mental health points on top can also get you enhanced mobility you would need help with your forms though as it is complex

If I can't get help from pip I'll have to try and get a child minder to take my kids to school. I really hope they help me I dont have people to help me

Thats the thing you do not get points for that ,

It will come down to do you have any mobility issiues wot distance ,even 50 or 200 metres might do depends or your limits

The mental health you will have to go through the planning and follow journry . to see wot applys exsample 1 question say just to rule it out or tick box

Do you leave the house more than 3 days a week ? Due to your severe anxiety if you do not then you tick cannot undertake any journey at all (10 )points and unable to walk 200 metres (4 points) that gets you high mobility this is just an exsample

Another exsample one is

Unable to walk upto 50 (8points)metre and needs prompting to undertake a jouney (4 points) this also gets you higher rate again severe anxiety

It has to really be severe

You really need to look and see if any apply to yourself

CM1EDSUK in reply to Ajay575

I'm sure you mean well, but telling a member how to 'get' points is surely unethical. Surely appropriate advice & support should be offered rather than leading examples. You do not necessarily get points with the examples you illustrate, it really does depend on an individuals problems.

I'm not sure you answered the OP's question, & I may have not done so either; she just was asking for tips about her phone assessment, & if the criteria for PIP had changed.

Ajay575 in reply to CM1EDSUK

Gemma did ask about enhanced mobility and any tips thats how i stuck to thoses points

Telling her your words, my words where an exsample how to mix mental health and physical points together if applys which anyone can see and advisers will show her and on points descriptors

And the exsamples was to show you can add the mental health points together with physical and if applys it can be a lot easier to get than someone just with physical issiues and the propting usually apples to the majority of mental health with high anxiety (exsample)

i slso said if it applys to her

As she has said she has high anxiety ,also i told her to remember the guidelines and if she has any mobility issiues

I also said on 1 of my replys it is important to get professional advice specially if you have complex needs mental health and physical

Actually you failed to mention i said it is vital to get professional advice. And remember the guidelines,and if applys to yourself you left these out on your reply to me

I gave her some exsamples for mental health

High anxiety as well as physical to see if she qualify for enhanced rates she ask tips for

High majority of people with mental health do need prompting as you know ,thats how i mentioned that ,as you can only score 1 criteria and with driving it is highly unlikely to score for planning and another example i gave her more appropriate if it applys was the going out

It was more of this is how the points work and how you get it if applys

Im sure any professional help she gets as i suggested they would explain this to her

The illustrate you say is not is leading just an exsample,you also mention examples on your reply to gemma .

As you know she has high anxiety the examples i gave her applys to high anxiety and was an exsample for mental health (tip) to help her as she asked as there is only 5 options to tick for mental health and mobility if it applys

The stats on telephone assessment is to early to say it is more successful

Leave it at that, just my right to respond to your reply

I have high anxiety and struggle to get my point across, I dont know if the application has changed thats why I asked for tips x

viking in reply to Dizzytwo

Yes I agree with you I lost mine and now only get lower mobility even though I got highre on DLA. Mine was horrendous and took 2 hours very intense and I was honelt all the way through and mine was a less than truthful asssessment's report. Its how your illness and mobilty effects you. Just be yourself is all I can say. Good Luck and let us know how it all goes my friend. God bless AMO

Mistyang in reply to Ajay575

Be honest that's all we can do. How far can you walk without stopping for pain for instance. When ajay says it's up to 20 metres for the car what he means is you have to be very limited in your walking to get high mobility rate of PIP. X

Ajay575 in reply to Mistyang

Hi ange ,yes it is sometimes the wordings with me. it is hard to get the high mobility

I was trying to give an example if applys the mental health points

It looks like a mountain but adding together it is not

Even upto 200 metres 4 points and 8 on mental health

Or vice versa 8 on physical and 4 on mental health all get you enhanced was just tryng to give exsample if it applys and you fit criteria

Mistyang in reply to Ajay575

Lol.. it is the wording hun, if you read it back it looks like 20 metres for a car which is not clear.. x just trying to help out with wording

Ajay575 in reply to Mistyang

Need to brush up my English 😊

Mistyang in reply to Ajay575

It was my best subject lol 😊

Ajay575 in reply to Mistyang

Ah can see you on the admin soon 😊

Mistyang in reply to Ajay575

NOOOOOOOOOOOOO thank you lol

Farmerboy in reply to Ajay575

Hi Ajay, hope your well, Reading your replys it sounds like a competition to win a car. There are a lot of claiments who do their best to get a high rate mobility award most deserves the award and then we you and I see people having a car parking up and walk off unaided to the shops well over 100 meters with out stopping, my wife looks and all I can say is yes I know most likely invisible disability or the partner using the car for their own personal use. My opinion is that those who have mental health problems and use the descriptior unable to plan a journey should not hold a driving licence.

Ajay575 in reply to Farmerboy

Ha ha good one a wee bit of humour on a sat morning Farmerboy

Im sure i mentioned unlikely to get planning a journey if you drive that alone would not get you a car anyway

Most mental health who if drive would only get it on 3 counts anyway ,the promoting (4 points)and unable to take any journey( 10 points ) and you would need physical points as well unable to walk upto 50 metes or 200 metres

The other point is too high a barr very few would get it

On the other hand very severe mental health issiues not anxiety do get the enhanced rate and have careres and support and parants who drive and need the car to get them about

Just an exsample if you meet the criteria to win a car 😊

Farmerboy in reply to Ajay575

I get high mobility entitlement to a car but as I had a perfectly good car in good order chose not to apply but had the benefits of no road tax for two years before change my car for an automatic with a £20 road tax per year so I haven’t bothered with tax benefits. It means my daughters can use the car for any purpose with any miss use by have the free car tax. A lot of people have a mobility car and after three year they have done very few miles, my current car is an ex mobility car bought with under 10000 miles on the clock 4 years old now with the COVID, still under 12 thousand miles 5 years old this December, got all the extras but not the nee price had an oil change every 2500 miles ave couldn’t miss the buy.

Ajay575 in reply to Farmerboy

Thats good ,yeh i know some who do that

And not eveyone needs or gets a car as the award can help in other areas .sounds like a good buy as well for you good to hear

Farmerboy in reply to Ajay575

Hi Ajay, having my own mobility scooter nearly two years this model average daily use 5 to 7 miles a day dog walking and done over 3760 miles mainly hard woodland paths up hill ect where ever the dog leads me. Well my range was reduced starting in July and last week got to a state of 2 miles per charge. So bite the bullet and after numerous phone calls to dealers for advice on AGM or GEL 100 amp batteries bought two new GEL batteries they came Thursday and my wife and I fitted them, so heavy. Charged up now should get two to three years use if I am lucky, charge every night my eldest grandson love going in the mud and driving it with the seat forward on the MOD parkland on his own. I’ve got a new st of trues to go on when ready trying to wear these down before the winter set in may go through to the spring if I choose my routes when wet down hill on muddy paths and uphill on the gravel. It got an 1200 watt motor so plenty of power for uphill and difficult situations. Driving tractors for 40 plus years I was t going to be pavement bound.

Ajay575 in reply to Farmerboy

Thats great that your getting out as well, well done

comments like that is the reason its taken me 2 years to ask for help. I think you and your wife should keep your "invisible" small minded options to yourself. I thought this site is so you can reach out for help not judgement.

So sorry that you or any one else was offended or upset by my comments and postings. I still stand by my comments that people with anxiety attacks should have due consideration before they drive a car knowing that an anxiety attack could happen whilst driving putting themselves and others at risk from an accident. No one knows what’s going on in a persons mind that could cause them to suddenly change from a reasonable driver to a careless dangerous driver for what ever reason that causes the anxiety attacks. My comments where no and are not an attack on people with mental health issues . With the best will in the world driving a car is a skilled ability that needs full concentration and reactions to situations quickly with out putting your self and others at risk or danger. The roads are a lot congested today.

Thank you for replying but it still doesn't mean you and your wife can judge people with disabilities you cant see so I hope you don't make it obvious to them when your out. I have ptsd and anxiety and wont use public transport I physically can't do it. If I cant lock myself in somewhere and feel safe I won't go out. I also will never drive if I feel unwell I wouldn't put my children at risk and if I feel a panic attack coming on while driving which has never happened, I would pull over and stop my car. I have hip and back problems and someday I can move without the aid of a crutch but when I get joke I am exhausted and very sore. Your comment just ruined me the wrong way I felt very judged just because I dont have something people can always see.

mummymax9 in reply to Farmerboy

That descriptor cover planning a journey on foot car and public transport , people with MH might not be able to travel on public transport etc just saying 🤷‍♀️

Ajay575 in reply to mummymax9

True ,and lots can only go out the house 3 days a week and are at at lower level of anxiety, the other 4 days it is higher and cannot go out due to the( overwhelming physiological distress) etc that also gets you 10 points and your physical points would get the car

I have seen a few with mental health who have a mobility car to get around at courses etc

My anxiety is due to sexual assaults and domestic violence. I freak out if I go somewhere and my legs won't move quick enough to get me back into the car where I can lock myself in. I have a full meltdown and try to compose myself but its hard.

you have a diagnoses for PTSD as well all this should help you

Just try get all your points across

A lot of mental health claimants tick the wrong box as well try see if you can get advice or help

1 box if you do not go out much because of your (overwhelming physiological distress )and if it is only 3 days week then the box cannot undertake any jouney at all out at all applys if your in house 4 days a week that also means stepping outside house door,if you go out 4 days a week that box does not apply to you

And if you need prompting because of overwhelming physiological distress you mention that also in the box

Then there the transport issuie as well

You tick one box and mention mention your other issiues in the box on the same question

Hope it sll goes ok for you

Mind your physical capabilitys as well

I can walk with a crutch slowly and painfully then the panic sets in to get to a safe place and lock the doors. I have temporary use of a car and its helped me alot I spoke to my gp and she told me to go for higher pip to get a mobility car so I can get out more and feel safe.

Hi gemmahughes1987 - I'm sorry you suffer with anxiety so much, & no-one on an internet forum can say how to get the higher rate of mobility, as it will all depend on how your disability affects you.

The following website is about applying for PIP with mental health problems, which may also be helpful with your assessment. Please see: mentalhealthandmoneyadvice....

Look through your PIP claim beforehand, if you kept a copy, & if you haven't given a couple of detailed examples of the difficulties you face for each activity/descriptor that applies, think how to now better explain it.

If you have someone who can support you during your assessment, put your phone on speakerphone so they can comment if needed.

Take your time; if you need to ask them to repeat any questions, just say. You can do this.

Above all be honest, you shouldn't try to get the higher mobility rate to fit you, rather explain the problems you have, as Dizzytwo has mentioned.

The rules for PIP have changed slightly for people with mental health issues, but will not be relevant for your claim, rather some of those with previous ones. The good news is that claims for PIP are more successful now with phone assessments.

Please let everyone know how you get on.

That link was very helpful thank you x

You're welcome, & thank you for saying it's helpful.

Hi Also if you can do the distance repeatedly, safely, and in a timely manner. Meaning if you can walk whatever distance you can walk and repeat it again or do you have to rest for a while before repeating it. Or you can walk ie 20/30/40m but would have to stop every 10/15m to rest and then continue. It is how to get across what You can do. Hope that helps.

Will say gemma could also be the case you maybe not fit criteria for enhanced rate as well

With all replys hope they all help and point you in right direction

Get ready to appeal. They will probably refuse at first.

Hi Gemma just tell them how your bad days are look on line for advice too and recently followed a link about how you can word things hope it helps

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