been to drs again

and defo not got lupus shes ruled that out but period still hasnt come she did a pregnancy test but knew it would come out negative as hes had the snip urine is clear as well but been having sharp pains in left side and round the back near my kidneys but when she examined me i was more tender on the left side!! she said it could be a cyst on the ovaries but im not sore inside just outside!

and also my heartbeat is beating fast and feeling very lightheaded just dont know if this is fibro or another sympton of something else!

on a good side so many people off sick at work but i still manage to crawl in and not driving due to my lightheadedness i have to ponce lifts of friends and family to go in sometimes dont think its worth it but dont wont to give into this

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  • Hi Angied,

    I started of with water infections and it even went to my kidneys, and since then i always have pain in both sides of my lower back (where i think kidneys are) Plus i have pain where the doctor touches on my right hand side where my bladder is i think.

    This has never left me from that episode years ago, i have just got used to it.

    I think the fibro tender points are there as i cannot stand anybody touching me there.

    To touch there it feels like its bruised if you get what i mean.

    Sorry i am useless at explaining.

    kel xxx

  • Guys, I get you both....I'm being tested for lupus, at my request, dr almost laughed at me.

    Told him my urine is an awful colour and smells grim, did a test, guess what I have a UTI, however no symptoms. They didn't test for protein, which i thought they would have done esp as being tested for Lupus as I understand you can have extra proteinin urine if you have it. I too have a really bad back, exactly where my kidneys are. I have done a dipstick test ( got hold of some from a nurse), got increased white blood cells, so obviously an infection, got blood, protein and other stuff which i don't understand.

    I feel really ill, feel sick all the time, can hardly eat, lost so much weight and I am actually worried about myself for the first time ever. I think I have a kidney infection and possibley have done so for the last 2 years.

    I call my Dr and guess what, he says I am depressed which is why I feel sick and can't eat. however he didn't suggest increasing my anti depressants, just told me he didn't know what was wrong....great i thought!!!!!!

    No Faith in the NHS!!!!!!! xx

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