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I am totally exhausted through 24/7 pain and lack of sleep, I get so tired sometimes that I've fallen asleep whilst actually eating a meal and also whilst holding a hot drink.

I've come to the conclusion that I just have to accept that my life is going to be like this. I have been in constant pain for at least 10 years and was diagnosed with Fibro 3 years ago. My GP has tried different meds (pre and post being diagnosed) without success, I've been on MST (120mg twice daily) for a couple of years with diclofenic and amitriptyline at night (which I only take when the tiredness has totally overwhelmed me) although I still do not have a pain free night I do go into a heavier sleep.

What had made a real difference to me was when I became a grandma last year, he makes me smile and gives me the will to keep going (sometimes I still cry and feel sorry for myself and probably always will).

But I am fortunate I have an understanding family and friends.

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Hi Paula52, I really feel for you, I'm nowhere near as bad as a lot of the members of the group for which I am really truly grateful.

I'm glad your little grandson has given you such pleasure. I've got a 7 year old granddaughter.

You will find lots of great people here who you can chat to.

I've got Fibro, diagnosed last year but I know I've had it for years, IBS, RLS and an under-active thyroid and osteo arthritis.


Hi Paula I was diagnosed 15 years ago and to try and manage my FM and the exhaustion. I have to make sure I sleep (restorative sleep), manage my pain and pace myself. I have an 11 month old grandchild and this has lifted me up and taken me out of all the depression the pain has given me. I still have to be careful and not do too much or to have too much stress because this makes the FM worse. I take amitryptilene but if I know I am driving the next day I only take Melatonin. Melatonin is herbal (not available on the NHS unless you have chronic insomnia and over 60). I am wide awake the next day after taking this, and I also have a good night sleep, but ask your GP if you are able to take this with your other meds. I also have osteo arthritis amongst other things.


thank goodness for the joy your grandchild brings u paula and everyone with grandchildren who answered ur post, may the joy these children bring u last for many years xxxxx


Hi Paula,

I so feel for you, as if i dont get enough sleep i am useless, but another thing i have had to learn is to pace yourself with plenty of rests.

It is easier said than done at first, but honestly it gets easier if you keep resting.

I find it hard to sit for long periods too i am up and down like a yoyo and it hurts every minute of everyday.

I am no doctor but i am sure that just taking amitriplyn when you think it is needed wont work. my doctor says you need to take it every night to get the full benefit of it as it takes awhile to get in your system properly.

Something you should speak to your doctor about maybe.

Congratulations on becomming a grandma.

kel xxx


The only medication that helps me is OxyNorm, it is morphine based but within 30 minutes I start getting relief, these are the only med that of luck.


Hi there. I have naproxene, tramadol, Gabapentine and oralmorph to help control my pain although I only take oralmorph if I feel that the others are not doing their job properly. I have had amytripteline in the past and it didn't help at all so I'm not on that this time. Medication is personal. The Dr can recommend drugs that usually have a good effect on FB but at the end of the day it's what works best for each individual. Reading others posts can give you an idea of what other meds are out there. Sometimes changing meds can be a long process but worth the change in the end.


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