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Has anyone heard of or had this lipomas in fibromyalgia? I have had a lump on my left arm on the inside of my elbow since November. Went to the doctor last week about it and she said I had an infection gave me antibiotics for it ( which didn’t help) and told to go to the A&E if it wasn’t any better, so went to the hospital and was told not an infection. Got an X-ray everything looked ok. So they said could be my tendons and to go back to my GP. My daughter read an article on lipomas in fibromyalgia and she thinks this is what it is. Just wondering if anyone had heard of this x

3 Replies
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Have never heard of lipomas being connected to fibro. If due to an infection, then it would not be fibro x

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I have them in lots of places just harmless fatty lumps

But to be sure ask your GP.

Dont think is anything to do with Fibro but fatty deposits under your skin

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i have had three lipomas. two were in bad locations so had them removed. i've found the one i still have is uncomfortable during the day but hurts like he.. in the evening. it is on my ankle. one of the other ones matched the one on my ankle (so had one in exact location on each ankle). the scar tissue hurts about a bad as the lipoma i have left. i've never heard about lipomas being related to fibro but who knows. never found out why i got them. the ones on my ankles came shortly after i got ill. always wondered if the lipomas had any relation to fibro since the timing was very close. the third lipoma i got almost 10 years after fibro so maybe throws out any connection? make sure they are lipomas. i've had a couple doctors think the lumps were full of fluid which of course if they are lipomas they are not. they insisted on trying to break them open only to be surprised when no fluid came out. would love to know more about any connection. does anyone have any info about this?

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