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Hi Fibro sufferers, hope pain and life are bearable for you all at the moment. About me, well I think I had Fibro for a long time before seeking medical help and it was only through chronic back pain that I went to a doctor and it was several months later I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. It has totally messed my life up, I have lost my job through it, and I was always a fit and able person continually on the go and loved the outdoor life winter and summer, now I sometimes struggle to get out the chair or my bed going upstairs is like climbing a very long ladder. I cannot stand to be too hot or too cold, bright lights or loud noise. It takes me five maybe ten times as long to do things that was once a simple task. (Including writing this.) I once loved to read but with a lack of concentration, this is now somewhat difficult. I hope that one day we will get some real help and even a cure for this horrible condition. Good luck to you all and you are very welcome to contact me, and if you are from the Peterborough area it would be good to start a Fibro group and all get together sometime.

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Hi Gary, I'm in March so not too far from you. That's another question I've been going to ask on this site and keep forgetting - wonder why - you mention loud noises. Do they make you jump? My oh sits here and coughs, not loudly, but I nearly jump off the chair. I'm usually too hot but if I get cold I can't get warm. I can't stand strong smells like perfume. I'm a childminder so I can cope with the poo smell :)

I was looking for a phone number this morning and it wasn't where it should have been so I got really frustrated. Still haven't found it.

I understand the long ladder up to bed too, I think I say 'ouch' on every step.


Hi Sue, not sure, if loud noises make me jump but what I cannot stand is being in a room full of people especially if I am trying to have a conversation. I hate party’s with Disco’s or loud music playing or just genially being a noisy environment, I find it irritating and If I am in a room with more than one person it sounds like a buzz to me rather than people talking. I also get very frustrated if things do not go right and lose my temper very quickly.


Hi Jules 58. I just read your other post about your car accident etc. how awful for you. It is getting busy on here, just goes to show how many people have fibro doesn't it. As you say, years ago it wasn't recognized, people look at me blank and if they are a bit older, I say y'know, it was fibrositis in our day. I'm 60 this year.

I noticed a few years ago that the tv being on loud or any loud noises bugged me but I had no idea why. I've learned sooo much in the last few days since I joined this site. No wonder people who don't suffer with it don't know how bad it is. I had no idea that my RLS and IBS and other problems were linked to fibro.

I've just spoken to a lady who went to her doctor about it and the doctor laughed and said she was far too young!!! She's in her 40's! She obviously doesn't have a clue.

I'm still working and don't seem to be in as much pain as most on here so I'm grateful for that. I am finding work hard going though.

I try and remain positive too, I haven't had the best adult life and I always try and have a laugh. This site is most welcome.

Do you have any hobbies? I do cardmaking in my spare time - spare time, that's a joke lol - and I'm hopeless but enjoy doing it.


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