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hi all .is there anyone who suffers from leg numbness it only happens on the one leg which goes numb and hot.

i mentioned it too my doctor but he never seems to say anything .of what it is .its happening more often now .and i wondered if anyone else suffers the same .

i do suffer with heart problems .enlarged heart .and told my heart is not pumping the blood around .after test and x ray .scans my already enlarged heart as got bigger .im worried and since i was told been in tears .i don.t know if anything they can do .to give me a better quality of life .as i hardly go out due to being so breathless. im 76 not overweight .and always been active in the past. i think thats what makes it so hard to accept .having no up and go .

sorry ive gone on .but don.t see a lot of people to chat too .

ld love to hear from you .take care

much love and hugs xx

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Hi there yes it’s a horrid feeling with no get up and go especially when you’ve been active and looked after yourself, nice you popped on to have a chat and pose a question to other members, if you would like to lock your posts here’s a link to help. , I’m struggling this week I’m 57 have sleep apnea /Fibro/ Cfs but makes you feel a little better chatting with people that understand, look forward to seeing you post again take care


Hi ben16 great meet you :) your always welcome here for a chat. You will meet some very nice people. I see our lovely YASMINTINA has given you the link to help you lock your post if you would like to do that. It does keep every thing you write on here private to this community only. If your not sure how to lock it I am sure one of the Admin team would be only too happy to help if you let them know.

so sorry to hear about your heart problems it must be a very stressful time for you and you have this problem with your leg it could be bad circulation given your heart condition. But no one on here is medically trained so only your GP could tell you what's wrong.

I would suggest you go back and see your GP or try seeing another one and ask them to explain what is happening with your leg. They should be taking more notice of any changes in your health given your heart problem. Could you get a member of your family or a friend to go with you to see the doctor or maybe have a chat with the nurse ?


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