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Hi all

I can’t believe it, I’m now in agony when I breath, move, cough, I have pleurisy and I just wandered if anyone else has any tips to get through this, it’s affecting the back of my head, neck, shoulder blade, arm and breast all on the right side, it’s so painful, doctor said it’s viral at this point but if it gets worse go back, but just wondered if anyone else has had this, how long it lasts etc

Thanx in advance for any tips

Alison x

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I sure don't know since I've only had that once many years ago....don't remember what I did for it be sure remember the pain and not being able to move. I would suggest googling it to find out if hot or cold compresses woud help. xx00

I had it when I was younger and the pain was terrible, I was given antibiotics but it lasted a while. I hope it eases soon. 🤗🤗xx

Hi 0118sara. 😊🌸🌿🦋

I’m sooo sorry that you’re suffering with pleurisy. I get it quite often myself. I’ve no tips to give you on how to endure it. With my diagnosis it was just endure it till it’s over. For me it can last several weeks. I just wanted to tell you I understand your pain. I hope it ends soon. Since yours is viral it has to run its course as all viruses do.

I hope someone else can give you tips that will relieve your agony soon.

Take care and best wishes.


I am sorry you are suffering with this, my poor little mum used to suffer bouts of pleurisy so I know how unpleasant it can be. As already mentioned being viral it will have to run its course and all you can do is take pain relief and get plenty of rest. Also, may sound like the last thing you want to do but lying on the side that hurts may also help reduce pain. Hope it doesn't last too long, take care. x

Hya there duc you are in a mess it is very bad iv had it myself a few years ago I was in agony I had some meds off the doc and all you can do is ride it out hope you get better soon take care luv glor xx

Never had this but sending all my best and hope that it eases real soon

Pen x💜🤗

I wouldnt put up with so much suffering hun- take yourself to A&E with "breathing diffculty", have you got pain relief and antibiotics for this condition?? A&E will give you the best there is , a gp is limited to prescribing now since the powers that be have instructed them on costs.

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0118sara, rather than putting extra pressure on A&E and enduring a 4 hour wait in discomfort I would contact the GP / practice once more if it has been a couple of days and see if they can give some advice.

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r u a fibro sufferer Des? any form of OA/RA at all?

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have fibro yes but no arthritis as far as I know.

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I have only presented at A&E twice in 17 years when pain was unbearable and believe me with a history of anky spond it WAS unbearbale, I was infused with a strong dose of paracetamol and told i should never suffer so badly that is was they are there for, it also got me an early appt with rhuemo doc to get my pain releif altered, you may know that many gp,s now are being instructed what they can/cant prescribe because of costs, a hospital consultant CAn override these instructions, the costs of recent diversions onto pregab and gabepent far outway costs of conventional pain releif, I was in A&E recently, nurses and doctors always want to chat with you when they know you are/were an NHS employee and I DO ask many questions

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