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Clear up The Backlog First?


Why do the DWP and 'powers that be' not clear up the backlog of all these ill people claiming PIP, waiting for Mandatory Reconsiderations, Appeals, tribunals etc. etc. for lengthy unacceptable times instead of keeping going adding more and more people to the waiting list?

Surely cases could be sorted sooner than is happening and if not let the people who have already been granted the benefit carry on receiving it until this backlog is eliminated?

This would surely be more constructive and would avoid unnecessary stress for vulnerable people?

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Because they are not as logical or as clever as you are !!

Hm, kinda tells you what the point of the process is don't you think? Maximum upset to maximum amount of marginalised people. When will the rest of society wake up to what their money is being spent on?

It isn't just us either. Lots of discrete groups, are being picked on. The Windrush generation for example. A divide and rule attitude from the Govt. These things are upsetting, hurtful, damaging and people are getting sick over them and some are taking the ultimate way out while the powers that be and others, turn their eyes away.

It is sickening that still so many people are going through their own private Hell, alone and thinking that they are alone. We know what is happening to us is unfair, expensive, damaging and cruel, but when we say, we are a lone voice crying into the wilderness. When we fight at appeal, we fight one by one, yet we are fighting the same fight. The assessors have got it wrong (because the system is wrong) and we are paying the price. They can put it right, one by one, reinstate and back date our money but that doesn't make up for the months or even years of stress and deprivation while we wait for things to be put right. Where is there compensation for the hurt and damage caused? There is none. And while there is no consequence for the DWP, they will continue wrecking people's lives. Worse, it is set to happen over and over for so many people, because, despite the govt's optimism, so many conditions have no cure and are not likely to improve.

Oops! Think that might have been a rant. Sorry.

in reply to Al10

Well said, it is 'better out than in'. only wish we were listened to! XXXX

It sounds too much like common sense to me and they were at the back of the queue when that was handed out. I think they should have left people in indefinite or lifetime awards who were already on DLA alone a d then put any new claimants on PIP. I suppose messing the systems around keeps them all in j obs.x

The Tribunal appeals are run by a completely different department, and they're overrun by DWP cases....

Exactly, so why do the DWP keep piling cases onto the Tribunal section by taking money of people and refusing claims, leaving the claimant this being the only way forward or "do without". Why not stop and let the back log clear up so claimants don't have to wait so long in these 'endless' queues following a 'review', which are anything up to a year prior to the actual review date I believe?

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