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Is this part if my Fibro


I am really struggling with the heat at the moment. Almost makes my body feel as if it going to go into a panic attack. I have so much pain but it is the base of my spine coming right through my buttocks and from my belly button down that is the worse. Please does anyone else have this with their fibro. Thank you for reading and looking forward to your thoughts x

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I must admit the hot weather seems to affect my lower body more and I often feel really shakey in the heat. I find any extreme of temperature makes my fibro worse.x

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Thank you foryour reply. Heat is really getting to me at the moment and along with pelvic pain my legs are really hurting. It seems awful to wish for cooler weather but i certainly need that at the moment. Take care and gentle hugs x

Hi, sorry to hear you're suffering.

I lived in Cyprus for 10 years. The heat was unbearable on times along with the fibro pain. The only thing that helped me, if you're able to, were showers every couple of hours..I had a shower fitted in my office to allow me to work..

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Thank you for your reply, Nick, from what I have read heat seems to be a big factor for a lot of people. I know my head goes round and round trying to think what to do for best. Sites like this are so helpful just to be in contact with others in similar circumstances. Take care.

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