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flare up

hi all ive been a flare up now for 3 wks it dont seem to be easing ive been in and out of bed all the time ,the only time i get out is to go toilet or get a aching all over my back seems to be the worse im walking like im an old lady really struggling atm has any 1 else been like this...i feel like fm is getting worse its getting me down really bad nothing seem to be improving ..thanks for letting me have my moan ..mande

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its just fm doc thought i had cfs but i needed a b12 injection not that it done much i think i need a trip bk to the docs see wats going on ..xx


Have you got any kind of treatment program to combat flares?

I wrote this blog post recently, it may help:



Hi Mande,I read an article about how the Doctors in the USA were using vitamin B12 for FMS,they do seem to take FMS very seriously in USA,and seem a little more advanced with their treatment.As for flare ups,I have had them where I have been stuck in bed for over a month,you ever now when they;

're coming,and you never know when they're leaving.I wish you well.Tina xx


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