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Change of assessment service! It's time they did!


Im shocked at the lack of care shown by the Assessment Service, they caused me a major flare up yesterday when I received their letter. They have no right to cause me or others pain, it's not within their permit and then a further 1 to 2 hours waiting ends up with more pain and leaves you bedbound. I've written to them and copied my MP in, it's been going on too long and if they read and heed your assessment form they would not do this. I've asked for the people/ person involved in the decision making to explain why they've gone this far. There has to be a better way. I'm just not taking it any longer. Do any of you feel angry ? do you believe there has to be a better way around the assessment for people like us with our condition? Let me know perhaps there's something we can do to change this Mar

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Your right it is Terrible and they can be rude on the your position I would make a complaint and demand a home visit .Hope it gets resolved and your pain gets under control etc take care

Pips04 in reply to Ajay575

Thank you I think it's wrong for all of us who are in pain and have major flare ups. I've spoken to my doctor who is very annoyed with them, he's arranging, if they still want to see me, for a home assessment. Hope you have a good pain free day Mar

Ajay575 in reply to Pips04

And you thanks

Yes the present assessment process is awful. It was much better with DLA when they took much more notice if our health professionals opinions about our illnesses.x

Very true I've just received a reply from them telling me it has been passed to their Customer Relations Manager for investigation, will keep you updated. I'm still so angry at them I've lost days of what could have been precious time because of their negative outlook on us, something has to be done. Mar

I've forwarded my original email and replies to Jeremy Hunt who, hopefully can do something to change their negative view to a positive one. Will keep you informed Mar

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