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Painful, swollen thumb and index finger

Has anyone had painful swollen thumb and fingers. I was woken up last night in awful pain on my left fingers and thumb, just throbbing and the same today but just in my thumb and index finger. When I hold my hand up and down it throbs. A bit worrying as it feels so swollen and sore when I press on anything. Struggling to roll a fag and couldn't spray my deodorant only with middle finger.

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I have some supports for my thumb and forefinger, I got them from occ therpaist at hospital, my rheumo doc asked for them, I also have some lycra type gloves-very useful to wear all day long, I find I can get rubber glooves and gardenign gloves over the top of them-I got these on ebay they are ISOTONER dont buy the cheaper versions from abroad they are not as good.


I have woken up with these symptoms but I do have OA in the base of my thumbs and some of the joints of my fingers. You could try ibuprofen if you can take it as it has an anti inflammatory in it which may help. If it doesn’t settle I would say go see your GP or if it spreads or is red and inflamed. You could try either cold or heat on it to see if that helps with the pain. Or you can get magnesium spay to try from Epsom salts.co.uk Epsom salts are good in a bath if you have one. Helps all the joints.

Hope you find some relief



Hi, I suffer with this in both hands. I have immense problems trying to hold a pen, open things like shampoo or toothpaste. I can’t chop food or hold pans. My son makes me a drink in a flask with a straw in the morning and then I don’t normally get another drink till he comes in a night. Sometimes I go to the cafe next door if I want something to eat or drink in the afternoon.

I find being unable to do these simple things really upsetting, so I know how it feels. Most days I find it hard to use my phone. I have tried wax baths for my hands before but it didn’t really help and massage is far too painful. Wish I knew the answer to help, but I don’t. Take care x

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I am told it is arthritis, and have been given thumb splints to wear (but not when resting)


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