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Injured nerve in buttock due to fall

8 months ago I fell heavily on my buttock no bones broken but severe bruising and swelling.Made reasonable recovery but still had nerve pain in different parts of my leg but nothing too bothersome.

Now I am on the mend from a vicious bout of Flu and have spent the majority of time over the last10 days in bed. For the last 4 days I have had extreme pain in the area of my buttock that took the fall with nerve pain going down my leg. Can anyone suggest any remedies and/or exercises that will alleviate this pain.


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Sorry to hear this. I too have a bad back and been advised not to stay in bed as it worsens the pain. I was advised to mobilise gently and do gentle exercises however it is best if you check out your situation with a dr as we all differ.

Are you able to phone round a few private physios to enquire about their fees/services. They will often go through your signs and symptoms on the phone and may offer you some do's and don'ts til you can be examined.

Also please ring 111 for an assessment. They can advise you in more detail or refer .Have you applied heat to the painful areas? Please ring your dr .

Hope this helps.


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