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Needs some advice quickly

I have had fibromyalgia for over a year, it seemed to be caused by a back injury Fot years.

Recently I have been having issues when going to the toilet. When I sit down literarily 5 mins later my legs go numb.

Normally I can get the feeling back after a few minutes.

But last night I couldn’t get my legs to get the feeling back, and Ive started to a facially incontanit and I usually I can self catherilise my self to empty my bladder. I was unable also very

Numb I’m my genital area, which I only noticed it when I went to the bathroom to try the bathroom, and wiped myself before going to the toilet and ghee was poo on the tissue.

I’m just wondering if I should go to the doctors, or go straight to the hospital.

Even though o haven’t peed for over a day o don’t feel I need to go, even though I have drunk at least 3 litres of fluids yesterday.

Any help would be great full appreciate thanks



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If you are in the UK you could ring 111 they would be able to tell you where the best place is for you to get treatment.

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Morning nikki56

So sorry you're experiencing these symptoms. I must admit I have never had these and cannot say whether related to Fibro or not, apart from saying I haven't heard anyone else commonly mention this to be associated with Fibromyalgia.

If you feel you can get depending on the severity of the numbness I would consider making an urgent appointment with your GP or call 111 and they will guide you whether you need to go to hospital for more investigations. If the numbness is extremely severe meaning you are immobile and feeling very unwell I would consider going to A&E or calling for an ambulance if you cannot move.

Hope this helps

Emma :)


If in the uk I would either phone your doctor straight away or dial 111. If you have been unable to go to the loo for 24 hours you may need help urgently. Do not delay. Good luck, I hope you feel better soon xx


I personally think you need to go straight to hospital. You said you’ve developed fibro following a back injury. The same has happened to me. I’ve always been told that if you can’t feel when you wipe yourself it’s quite serious. Sorry Hun I don’t mean to scare you but I’m just worried about you. There’s a condition called cauda equina syndrome that I’m particularly concerned about. Feel free to google it and make your decision about going straight to hospital after that.

Good luck with it Hun and please let us know how you get on. Take care and love and hugs to you xx


24hrs without passing urine is not good = you must go to A&E to get this sorted.


I agree with the others you need to go to A and E. If u ring 111 they will recommend an ambulance is despatched to your home. Can they gain entry etc.

if not do not worry about having to answer the door they will sort it out for you. This happened to me had to have an examination then MRI scan. Fortunately ws not cauda equine but disc pressing on the sciatic nerve. Hugs.

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A&E immediately. If this is related to your back injury, it is an emergency. Take care.

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You need to go straight to hospital hun. They are very serious about any numbness in saddle area and incontinence x

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