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Has anyone tried FibroSleep with Sedapine?

Wake up every 2/3 hrs and takes me all day to fell ok then have to go to bed again and start process again in the morning.

I have no idea what happens to me overnight but it ain't good!!

It needs more than just lifestyle changes as have tried all sorts over the years and think might have to resort to trying some form of medication but very wary....

Best wishes to all


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Hi jcnps I haven't tried this myself but I would just like to inform other members about taking any kind of Suppliments, (no matter how natural they may be) and the dangers of not getting advise from their GP


Is Not appropriate for people who have heart or circulatory problems.

May cause negative reactions with certain medications such as blood thinners.

Not to be taken with antidepressants

Not to take if pregnant

I am happy you have found something that helps with sleep.Sleeping or not sleeping is a major problem for people with fibromyalgia & I'm sure it is debated on the forum most days in some way.

Peace, luv n light

Jan x


HI Jan,

Thanks for that haven't tried it yet and now don't think that I will..

As I said I am very wary of taking anything so doing lots of research and asking first!!

Just feel that need to do something to try and sleep better/for longer....so can face the day in a better place and not take all day to get into the day!!

Best wishes



HI Jan,

So adjustment in thinking going on and accepting that only sleep for short periods, apparently 90mins is length of sleep cycle so at least some of the sleep is actually beneficial.



Hi, jcnps

I do sympathise, our most common complaint on the forum is the lack of restful sleep.

I take amitriptyline at night and that does give me about 5 hours. If you take it early in the evening you don't feel so groggy the next day.

Otherwise it is just doing all the routine things, no electronics in the bedroom, warm milky drink, etc etc.



Hi have suffered from insomnia for many years, tried all the common sense stuff, medical advice, read up on it. Taken lots of different prescription pills, currently Ambien but it might as well be a smarties for me as my body adapts after a month.

I'm usually awake for three days and nights then collapse in the afternoon. I am unable to work anymore due to fibro and diabities so adjust my life around it with books, films, ipad. I have lots of Facebook friends from the States because of the time difference! Lol


Hi jcnps

I am so genuinely sorry to read that you are having such problems, and I sincerely hope that you can find some resolution to them. I can see that Janet28 has given you some wonderful advice and so I will simply wish you all the best of luck my friend, and please take care of yourself.

All my hopes and dreams for you


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