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Hi all. Saw my doctor yesterday I thought he was ok. Fibromyalgia to him means I do not know what is wrong with you. Have had pains most places. Legs are hurting all the time use co codomel and volterol which helps. I hurt my back so I went to osteopath she thought pain could be coming from my back and mentioned getting a X-ray. Doctors said they will not do it will have to go private and pay. Not Hurd of this. He did not offer an alternative. I have had to go private before. I can not afford this. I came out so low then angry. Why do they not understand the pain we go through. Just venting to you lovely lot

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unfortunately, gp's seem to be reluctant to refer for xrays etc unless it is completely essential. back pain especially often does not show up as any damage on x-rays - and this is possibly why your gp has said no.


Drs can't do much for fibro. I always feel like that after. Desperate really. Shouldn't get my hopes up hey?

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