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Last night

Well a pretty lousey day yesterday and a worse evening. My hands and feet were driving me mad. Feeling hot and swollen and throbbing with pain. I still cant get used to feeling like that, looking at the offending appendage and seeing no swelling or damage. It feels like theyve been crushed with a mallet!

The only give away to the sensation Im feeling is that they do actually get hot to the touch while the rest of my body stays cold. I wonder does anyone else get that? I spent all evening moving my hands and feet from one cold place on the quilt to another. Though was useful for warming up the rest of me and keeping the heating bill down, lol.

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hi my feelings exactly , strange how the rest of my body needs heat but my hands and feet need cold but doesnt come close to relieving the pain . when my hands are swollen im finding im dropping small objects ie tablets and not realising ive dropped them , dangerous with grandchildren


It is very hard to get hold of fiddly things isnt it, your hand feel useless.


Not to bad so far, apart from being woken up by my next doors DIY, cant hold it against them tho we've done a fair bit since we moved in. Pains not to bad so far today but I have been up 4 hours so I can feel a snooze coming on, lol. Gentle hugs all.


gentle hugs back x wishing u all the best x


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