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Trouble accepting Duloxetine

I take low dose Mst I’m always in pain and in my case I also have an autonomic disease that wreaks havoc with very high and low BP . I’m very nervous after watching You tube info on this drug. Second choice is Gabapantine or Amyltryptin

Any one got personal experience or advice please ? I have chemical sensitivity also

Thank you Marouska

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I have found Duloxetine has enabled me to reduce my mst by 25%, and stay near enough on the same level of pain relief. If your consultant has advised Duloxetine, I wouldn't worry too much. about U tube presentations. Your consultants advice is given for your particular symptoms and disease peculiarities.

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Everyone is completely different when it comes to responses to medications, and we have to work things out for ourselves. It is not a good idea to get advice from others, but try the med at a low dose, and increase if you feel it is helping you, with guidance from your Doctor. But remember, ultimately, you are in control of your health care.

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