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Hi everyone, hope you are all as well as you can be.

I had my daughter's first birthday party today and all in all, despite the initial dread, its been a wonderful day! Her and her 2 year old sister had a lovely time and we had her great aunt from Canada in attendance to meet them for the first time!

I separated from their father in February when she was just 5 months old and I'm feeling pretty proud of myself tonight that we managed to pull together both sides of the family successfully!

Unfortunately, the anxiety leading up to it has almost sent me over the edge!

I haven't taken antidepressants in almost a year and up until quite recently have been coping really well. However I'm now suffering from overwhelming anxiety and very low mood and I can feel my pain and fatigue getting gradually worse. I recently tried propranolol for the anxiety as I was trying to avoid antidepressants. They've not really touched it.

I plan to go back to my GP this week to discuss my options. I have previously taken fluoxetine but due to unbearable night sweats I'd rather try something else. I've been researching and found that Duloxetine is used in the US for fibromyalgia and it's also used here for anxiety and depression. Do any of you have any experience of this drug you could share with me?

Thanks in advance

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Oh my it sounds like you and the girls had a wonderful time. And to have a visit from a great aunt all the way from Canada how special is that. I think you have every right to feel proud of your achievements {{hugs}}

I think it is only natural to feel how you do at the moment you have had a lot to cope with lately and it can catch up with most of us sooner or later.

I can not answer your question on medication as I am unable to take anything except a muscle relaxer due to the side effects.

I am glad your going to talk it over with your doctor I hope he/she can offer you something that may help. xx


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Thank you Mo! X


Hey, so I'm on fluoxetine which is causing me horrid nights sweats too, my pain specialist has recommended I start on duloxetine which has been reported to reduce pain in fibromyalgia, but my pain specialist warns it is hit and miss... I've had issues with getting it prescribed on the UK though as apparently there's a rule only psychiatrists can prescribe it so if you have one go to them before your gp or your pain specialist or rheumatologist if you have one


I'm on duloxetine. It was recommended by my doc at the rheumy clinic after pregabalin failed to control my pain. I've noticed that I no longer get the skin burning sensation that I used to get and in addition it has generally prevented me from having extremely low moods. I'm generally enjoying being on it for now.



I live in the U.K. and have been taking duloxetine for many years now and found it's one of the best for fibromyalgia but because I suffer from severe depression I also take other antidepressants.

As we are not all the same have a chat with your doctor but it's worth giving it a try.

Good luck and take care



I had an awful time getting onto Duluxotine, took it for two years without any noticeable benefits. I had six weeks of hell coming off it. I found it easier to stop opiates and sleeping tablets combined than this awful drug. But that was me. I don't blame my GP he was just trying to help. I found others who had similar experiences as me but I'm sure it's worked for others and may for you, I really hope so. Just be careful 😊

Good luck

Patrick x


Duloxetine has worked really well for my sleep issues. I don't have problems with depression or low mood so only needed it for sleep. Now that my sleep pattern is good I'm thinking of reducing a little. Hoping I don't have Patrick's problems.


Well done for getting this far on your own, it's so hard coping with just yourself without looking after little ones, my youngest is 12 so more independent now which makes it a bit easier , I've been on duloxetine 120mg a day for quite a few years now and would definitely say it helps me, more so when on the higher dose, did cause constipation at first and takes a little time to get used to but wouldn't be without them now. Love and wishes xx


I have been taking 60 mg Duloxetine for four years now. I was intolerant of everything else the doc tried, and this was a last resort. I had bad side effects at first, although only on 30mg at the time, I had headaches, inability to sleep, stomach upsets etc, but was persuaded to persevere for 6 weeks by my GP. Things settled down and it managed to control the awful gnawing, cramping pains in my thighs, so I was really glad I gave it a fair trial instead of quitting.

More recently I have had other pains - neck, shoulders, hands, arms etc. Saw a physio for a while unsuccessfully. A different doc to the one I usually see thought it would be a good idea to put me on the maximum dosage. Fortunately for me, I took only 90 mg and not the full 120 mg as prescribed. Well I didn't have any pain, and lost a stone in weight - not because it was working, but because I was always asleep. Whilst asleep my dreams were so vivid that I actually thought I'd been awake.

As I live alone, I didn't realise, even though people complained that I never answered the door or my phone. It got worse and I'd awake and find myself in bed when I actually thought I'd been out shopping etc.

Saw my usual doc and dosage was cut back to 60 mg, but the withdrawal in cutting down from 90 mg to 60 mg was awful. Pain was worse than ever, and in places it hadn't been before. I couldn't walk, and although I have an automatic car, the pain in my groin stopped me driving as well. I was really miserable.

My nice doc once again stepped in by giving me codeine to get me through the worst of it. It didn't stop the pain, but certainly helped. It's been almost a month now since I cut down. I am finally able to get up most mornings without finding myself asleep on the settee a couple of hours later. I no longer need the codeine, as the pain is back under control now with my regular dose of 60 mg daily. I can drive, and though walking is difficult - it always was.

I had a good chat with my doc and he has written on my notes that he doesn't wish for any other doctors at the practice to ever alter my dose, or change my medication without referring to him first.

I have read about people who have real difficulties with withdrawing from Duloxetine, which I can now understand only too well. However now I am back on my usual dosage it is helping once again, so I have no plans to stop taking it. If it ever stops working for me, and I need to change medication, then I'll cross that bridge when I come to it, but for now I am happy with this drug.

If your doc prescribes it, my only advice would be to take it easy when increasing or decreasing the dose, and if decreasing, make sure you have some backup painkillers to help you through the transition.

Good luck

Em xx


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