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Application for PIP. Oh WOW!!!!

Hello Mrs ......

Thank you for your e-mail.

We appreciate that the postal times between the U.K. and Spain may take some time. We will take this in to consideration and allow for this. We will try to make a decision on the claim pack and any further evidence you provide, however if we are unable to do this then we will arrange a face to face in Spain.

The Exportability Team.

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I never new such a team existed that's a good job to have! I would have thought the person in Spain would have to be here in the UK for their assessment not the other way round.

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They are very loosely part of DWP but only deal with UK citizens moving abroad.. Extremely hard to contact and will only do call back.

They had to approve my entitlement to DLA when I moved.

Would you rather bring claimants back to UK ( paying their expenses_ or find time yourself for a trip to the sun??


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Oh wow so you live in Spain?

I just thought claimants had to come back to the UK every so many years and reside here for a short while. Or is that something to do with government pensions.

It sure is a small world we live in these days isn't it. And yep I'd love a few days in the sun:) xx

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Tenerife Des...7% tax, 365 days of temps above 24c which is even better. No there are different rules if you go abroad on a temporary basis...habitual residency.kicks in.

But with David's conditions worsening and prognosis not good he needs the warmth in his poor broken body.

And friends always welcome...garden gate open



Oh it sounds bliss. Remind me again what is the sun lol xx


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