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The norm?

Hi Guys.

Happy new year. Well I entered the new year with pain. The unusual has now become the norm this days. Does it ever get better? One days peace means you have to spend the next five days paying for the one good day. I can’t even take my dog for a walk and kids won’t do it either. Sent my pip form weeks ago but heard nothing. Don’t even have d strength to call. Breathing is becoming more and more difficult and it doesn’t help when u have to use a cpap machine daily. Sometimes I just wanna run away then I realise that will involve energy which I haven’t even got. What do I get coco? He’s one today

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Hi stick in .plenty rest .plenty paceing do not over do it with breathing etc .hopefully pip no assessment and goes ok take care

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It really is a rubbish hand to be dealt, I am newly diagnosed and I'm really struggling with pacing and so on and most of the time I just want to sleep. I do hope you get some relief soon, even if it is just a good book to read or film to watch (my favourite activities!) x


Thanks could only getup for a min or so. Can’t even make breakfast for my kids


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