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Never Ignore!!

Hello,It's lovey to be back.I am sure there are lotS of you who are prone to kidney or urine infection.Well July last year it was so bad the pain was so bad.I could not walk each day,I just thought it was my chronic Fibromyalgia,Plus all the antlibiotics.

I was in tears.Then suddenlymy neighbour found me on the floor,she had not pp,pseen me for 2 days.,It was 3days I started to come round in HDU.My right hand side of my body was a mess my face was 3x the usual size my vision was poor I

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That must have been extremely frightening - both for your neighbour and for you. I hope that you're keeping a lot better now. x


What a terrible thing to happen! It's good you have a neighbor to look in on you. Hope you are better. Take care. Chris x. 🎄⛄❄

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