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New to here

Hi my names yvonne and i have jus been diagnosed by my gp with fibromyalgia although she is sending me for pressure tests to confirm it. I have been suffering so much pain all over my body plus headaches and dizziness for 12 months or more and feel like i could have been diagnosed earlier instead of being pushed from pillar to post looking for everything under the sun. I have just started taking gabapentin and wondered if anybody else took them and if they are any good and how long they take to work

Thanks for reading

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Hi Yvonne, your story is very familiar. Most of us have been through many years of suffering and as you say pushed from pillar to post before being diagnosed. Unfortunately there is no definitive test for fibro so you do have to run a gauntlet of tests for other conditions with similar symptoms until fibro is the last man standing so to speak. I'm assuming your GP has referred you to a Rheumatologist as they are normally the ones who perform the pressure test (just test certain pressure points on your body) and can diagnose fibro. I've never taken Gabapentin although I was offered it at one time by my GP. However there are plenty of members who have and will be able to give you some advice. In the meantime, welcome to the forum lovely, you have come to the right place to get lots of help and support from our friendly members. Take care xxx

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Hi there and a very warm welcome to our group :) I see Ramjets has already mentioned about the reasons for locking your posts. This link will show you how to do it healthunlocked.com/fibromya...

It took many years for most fibro members to get a diagnoses it took me 10. To reach a true diagnoses of fibro doctors have to spend a lot of time testing and ruling out other illnesses. They are looking for what you don't have not what you do have which can be very time consuming . But at least you know they have not missed anything life threatening in the process which is good.

You may like to take a peek at our mother site it has a wealth of information you may find useful fmauk.org If you need help locking this post or with anything else please just ask. All the admin team are always ready to help where and when they can xx



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