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Do Saunas help for pain relief ?!?

Hello hope all is as well as can be ?!? can i ask if anyone has used saunas for pain relief and found using them to of helped or made worse ?!? Only I tried this and when I finished the sauna soon as I got out and started to cool down OMG the pain and stiffness in my neck and shoulders were out of this world ! I could not move what so ever couldn't turn my head look up or look down It was horrendous ! And never been back since altho I was advised to try it as its meant to help with the pain and Im wondering if anyone else has had this experience with using a sauna ?!? Thanks 😔

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Unfortunately the problem with Fibro is it just affects people in so many different ways! For example I always had swimming recommended to me; but it actually makes me feel really awful!! 🤗🌹

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