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Compression/Pressure Needed (Fibromyalgia)

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Does anyone ever get the feeling of your feet/ankles & hands/wrists falling asleep, but it's not quite there yet? It feels like they need to be squeezed really hard. I cannot squeeze them hard enough due to my wrists hurting and my hands not being strong enough to apply enough pressure. I usually have my boyfriend squeeze them and it helps, but as soon as he lets go the feeling is there again. He's not always with me though. I was wondering if anyone else experiences this as well? If so, do you have any ways that you apply enough constant pressure? I've tried ankle braces but they just don't add quite enough pressure as I would like. I have a couple of ace bandages that I am going to try to wrap pretty tight, but I don't want to cut off circulation.

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I know exactly what you mean and like you only get relief if hubby is there to put pressure on.

In the night I push my feet as hard as I can on the chest of drawers near my bed, helps a bit but still not enough.

Sorry I can't suggest anything helpful.

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That’s okay! It’s good to know I’m not the only one who gets this feeling. It’s weird and it’s hard to describe to people which is frustrating. But thank you for relating to me :)

This has happened to me before now. I pop my feet in hot water and them cool water which after a time does work. Get yourself a foot massage as this also helps by pressing down hard. What also helped was changing my shoes to

trainers as the symptoms became less. Hope this will help you. Good luck

I’m always asking my husband to squeeze my wrists and feet. If I turn on my side he puts his knees into the bottom of my back and gently pushes it gives me some relief. I also find myself pushing against my clavicles when I’m a long conversation with someone. Hips,neck,scalp,ribs are other places I tend to push or try massage too. You are not alone. X

What really helped me is compression socks I got from online it tightens your muscles just perfect for me. Other alternatives I had was the massage and my husband putting pressure. What else works is tell your partner to apply his thumb on the area and keep it there til the pain reduces it's called muscle manipulation I learned from a chariopractor. Once the pain reduce just massage over that area. Try magnesium oil which help calm down the muscles. Hope this helps

Thank you all for your suggestions! I will keep these in mind and try them out.

You can buy hand with thumb like bandages/gloves -I use these as it gives a feeling of tightness (I say like scaffolding) presses your thumb and hand so relieves the pain. Also helps when lifting things like a kettle. You buy them for a £1.00 at the pound shop. I swear by these.

Pop a massager on your xmas list... a good one with varying pressures = sorted!

Works wonders 🤗

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