Stinchar Valley, South Ayrshire

Stinchar Valley, South Ayrshire

View from my front window ~ steeper than the pic shows ~ as I'm about a mile up a really steep hill, looking out across the Irish sea to Ireland. The view's ever changing. This was it in February last year ~ looked even better in June (can't find pic) when the purple heather was out, and the gorse was a startlingly beautiful dark yellow. I feel privileged to have such a view! 😊❤️️ And, no neighbours apart from sheep!

Sheep absent in the pic as it was lambing time. They come back in after lambing and the view of the pure white little lambs having their version of a 'mad half hour' with between 5 and 9 gamboling around like loons, is hysterically funny to watch. 😊

Sheep are often considered to be 'stupid followers'? The lambs are very smart. They often sneak out under the field gate, and under my farm type gate entry to the front of the house ~ but if anyone approaches my gate, they quickly get back into their field exactly as the same way as they came in! Far from 'stupid'..! 😉

The other 'neighbours' that I love are the family of barn owls which reside in the ruins behind my house ~ they bring their chicks down to the front of my home each year, almost as if to show off their latest brood. The adults are also beautiful come the sunset, when they're out hunting ~ and settling in the trees in the back garden. What graceful, beautiful birds they are!

The sunsets up here are absolutely stunning too. I used to take a lot of photos of sunsets and sunrises, which were used when I submitted them to TV Stations and Newspapers. I must get back into the habit! 😊 Sometimes I'm just not too steady on my feet with balance problems when both hands are clinging onto the camera. Oh, the 'joys' of M.E./Fibro ~ not! 😉

Barbara xx

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  • Wow ladybarb,it looks so beautiful. How lucky you are☺.it looks and seems like my dream,if only,yet here's me living right in the city😕.I was born in duntoca,just outside Clydebank ☺ xxx

  • You're a fellowess Scot! Who'd have known! ❤️️

    I didn't know Duntocher/Clydebank very well. I was born in the south side of Glasgow (about 3 miles from the city centre). Was a real 'townie' when I was well. LOL.

    Gradually moved further and further away as I got more ill, looking for my 'ideal' place and peace and quiet ~ and I saw this 'view' and a bungalow which was 'remote and private' but needing some TLC, and thought 'potential'.

    It's a private landed Estate (NOT mine, I hasten to add) ~ but I get all the 'benefits' of enjoying the land, without any of the responsibility of upkeep!

    Unfortunately, it's now 'too remote' regarding getting easy access to medical services (and a choice of Medical Practices / GPs ~ a really sore point with me at present!). I'm just trying to get myself 'well enough' to be able to sell up the house, and move back to civilisation.

    I will miss it though ~ however, it'll bring real joy to someone who's fit and well, as there are so many things to do (if healthy!).

    Thanks for your kind comments ~ just wish you were able to see it in 'real life'!

    Blessed Be Sweetie, with love, Barbara xx

  • Yes a fellow scot☺my mum was from Glasgow my dad Clydebank, but I was brought up in Essex,we come down when I was 2.we went bk for a couple of years but iv been down here now since I was mum never lost her accent I miss her So much an miss hearing her accent.I can imagine its very remote for getting doctors etc,so not ideal for you,shame I guess I would have the same problems,but iv always fancied living somewhere like that,with cats dogs and some chickens an goats☺ maybe in another life.I bet you will miss that view but you need too do what's practical for your well being xxx

  • That is a lovely view. I would feel privileged to have it to. The little lambs sound like a joy to watch. have a good night🌛. Chris

  • Thanks Chris! The lambs area total joy to watch. Hope you have a good night too! ❤️️. Love, Barbara xx

  • When a beautiful place. I wish I lived there, you are so lucky.

  • Yes the lambs are great fun, I grew up on the Isle of Lewis so grew up watching them. I do miss the sea air and remoteness. I live in lanarkshire now. I’m blessed. While it’s a 45 minute drive for anything other than food, my gp was quick to diagnose fibro. Better than the English doctors I saw so many over the years in different areas of England they all just kept sticking me on antidepressants. the downside 100 mike round trip Monday for an mri scan.

  • Hi Aelin ~ I absolutely love Lewis, was even thinking of moving up there. Had looked at a house in Callenish, and it was a great house, not as remote as my current home, perfect for my cats too, but at least with 'neighbours' within 'screaming distance' in case of emergencies, lol, but then I got too ill with constant infections, etc., to be able to get my own house sorted out for sale. I was totally gutted! 😟. Won't look at houses now until I've got my own house on the market and sold. That's what I'd always done before ~ and it stopped me from getting disappointed when things didn't work out the way I hoped they would. 😉

    Long time ago, I lived near Thankerton, in Lanarkshire. I loved it, but I gather there's been a lot of 'new builds' there and it's totally different.

    Delighted that you've found the medical services good where you are now. Are you going to Glasgow or Edinburgh for your MRI? Hope all goes well for you on Monday ~ will be thinking about you! ❤️️ Blessed Be, with love, Barbara xx

  • Yes I miss lewis. I used to cycle up and play at the callanish stones as a child. It’s touristy now though, with a bigger tourist centre soon to be built. There was no centre when I was playing. There are much more rural places to live there with no tourists lol.

    I’m actually going to golden jubilee hospital in Clydebank for my mri. It’s a 45 mile drive each way. Over an hour. Luckily I’m getting a lift. I drove 4 miles the other day to town. Had a coffee. Then back home. Even that I passed out cold on the couch after. I swear I’m getting worse

  • It has changed a lot! I first went up to Lewis in the late 1980's ~ and although the Standing Stones were a 'tourist attraction', there was no centre ~ just the beauty of the stones. I believe there are further stone which have been discovered, but I'd no chance to look as I was in a bit of a rush, due to the time of planes on a Saturday!

    The house I looked at wasn't too near the stones ~ but would have been near enough to at least take the car down and go for a coffee.

    Oh! I so related to what you were saying about the exertion of going for a coffee did to you.

    8 years ago, on top of the Fibro etc., my legs were hit by flying scaffolding. To this day, I don't know how on earth my right leg wasn't broken. However, I decided that I couldn't afford to let the injuries stop me from driving, so I decided to go to a small village about 5 miles away. When I got there, all I wanted to do was to go 'live' in the back of the car, as I was so 'out of it'. I'd have been pleased never to move from the car, ever again. LOL.

    That not being a 'choice', I bought a load of sweets (and I don't do 'sugar'), and when it kicked in, I drove back up the road, and if anyone could have been done for 'driving under the influence of sugary sweets', it would have been me! Nightmare. And of course the overdose of sugar made me feel so ill ... it wasn't funny at the time, although I can laugh at it now!

    I'm so sorry your drive for a coffee took so much out of you. I know Fibro can do the weirdest things to you, and the bad days can be very bad days.

    I hope you and your Doc/Consultant can see a way forward for you once you've had your MRI.

    At least getting a lift, and with the motorways making life slightly easier, and not having to go into Glasgow City, will hopefully make your day slightly easier? No doubt you'll be heading for bed when you get home ~ but you'll be 'home' and know how to make yourself as comfortable as is possible, from 'pay-back' from your trip.

    Wishing you as well as you can be, under the circumstances! Barbara xx

  • I live in edinburgh always have so I am lucky I have access to hospitals and go but the countryside is wonderful Good luck.

  • Stunningly beautiful. do you need a lodger/chauffeur by any chance?

    Its a shame that an environment likely to cause peace and calm is so difficult of essential services. But for the fit, I suppose that's part of the charm.

    My ex's family were from Dalmellington, not a million miles way, but I never got to visit.

  • Hi fen badger ~ LOL ~ yes, I absolutely do need a lodger/ chauffeur but they must also be up for 'domestic chores' and absolutely love ironing and dusting and hoovering! 🤣🤣🤣 (ROFL).

    You hit the nail on the head re the charm of this place. It's for the fit and well and highly active to enjoy ~ and I've got the peace and calm, but not the 'medical services' I require, etc.. If it had both, I'd never move from here, but I need to be sensible. (I don't believe I wrote 'sensible' LOL..!!!)

    Dalmellington isn't a place I've had reason to visit, but it's certainly not a million miles away from where I live. I like the 'quaint' black and white traditional cottages in Ayrshire ~ and some of the villages are still so 'picture postcard pretty'. It's a lovely 'shire' if you're living in the right place ~ but I guess that can be said of anywhere.. 😊 B xx

  • Can I come visit ... you're not too far from paisley lol xxx

  • Any time Hazel 😊~ it's a quick train ride and then 15 miles of mind-bending roads from the train station though! lol B xx

  • I'll let hubby drive ...and just forget to mention the last 15 miles .... Scotland has such lovely scenic country roads (when you're not the one behind the steering wheel lol) xxx

  • What a gorgeous view and a superb place to live.I am sooooo envious.

    You are so lucky.

    Take care.



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