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I'm gonna regret doing that !!!!

Hey everyone !! Did you have that horrible sandy residue on your windows after that storm earlier in the week ? I did ....what a mess . couldn't stand it any longer, trying to see through the smeary/salty/sandy [ we live near the Irish sea] blurriness. So , as I'm having a good day, I donned my rubber gloves , and set to the job of cleaning them. Blimey, what a job!! Lucky I have an ample bum. I sat on the ledge with an overhang,[ which probably looked terrifying from below] and got to work. Holding on for dear life ,and hoping not to plummet head first !!! Anyway, after much swooshing , they are now gleaming, but my bum feels a bit numb , and my arms and hands are aching like mad. But at least when tomorrow comes, when these aches and pains will probably be worse , I'll be able to look outside , through clean windows, and be thinking , I wish I hadn't done that !!! take care all, luv'n'hugs Mandy xxxx


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