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Really worrying, I put a pip claim in and they have refused me twice so now I'm at the stage of appealing but have no idea what to write in my appeal letter. In their reasoning why they can't award me PIP it was just all lies... I did expect this as the person interviewing me just wouldn't let me speak and was very uninterested in anything I said.

Unsure if there's anyone who can help me write this letter.

Thank you for any replies

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For the appeal write down what they haven't considered for each section you scored 0 points in. I went through this 4 times, 1st 1 social work left empty and assessor lied through her teeth, 2nd missed the dead line date but 2 days yet cab called them they didn't log the call, I found out 3m later when I called to see why hadn't heard anything. 3rd 1 not enough evidence and she didn't put down my answers to her questions, so I done the MR, still nothing, went to appeal, treated like crap, they said I am disabled but dont meet the criteria. So 4th time I done it all myself, got 2 extra letters from Dr, letter from sons support worker, hubby filled in bit at back (before I was told by cab it had to be someone that's not family or a friend) 2 letters from 2 close friends. She came out to me this time. could see my shower with the seat and all the gadgets I need to use, I had all my gadgets in living room to show her, she asked me if can make toast or a cups, said I have a one cup kettle you press a button it puts it in cup for you and can make toast, if I can answer the door, yup providing they wait till I get there. I thought I was screwed again. 8 weeks later it was put in my bank, I was in shock and burst into tears, they awarded me enhanced care but standard mobility, even tho I use a wheelchair if have to go to far or mobility scooter. Didn't appeal, I am happy with the result.

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Janet Horton; our benefits advisor can email you a guideline to appealing a decision

Call her on 0300 999 0055 mon & Fri 10.00 -12.00 or email benefits@fmauk.org xxx

Hi listen to admistrators.get a rep for appeal and to them about lies .a specialist will help you good luck this is now becoming common.genuine people are suffering .from now on think of your worse day and say it's like that all the time .Sorry this is a fight with them it's the only way good luck

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