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Down and all in

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I am new here and was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia after a full hysterectomy for fibroids two years ago and am just getting worse. Am so down and all in - I feel useless and vulnerable. Am still in a fibro flare - this is my 4th week and have been off work for 3 wks. I am back in work but struggling and I feel the company are trying to get something on me to push me out. I am hurting all over, struggling with my words and focus and so so tired, my confidence is shot and my self esteem has gone. I am finding it difficult to work full time as my life consists of wake up at 7am home at 6pm then bed by 8pm. I do have supportive parents and boyfriend so am lucky. I used to be so active and now am just so exhausted. Do not know how to get my life back or get the person I used to be back.

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I would suggest looking for a job you can do from home and/or part time which will be more manageable and allow you to have more energy for things to do in your spare time. There are more jobs nowadays that can be done from home on the internet. I used to work from home tutoring maths online and it really helped with my countless health problems including fibro. However, I have been working full time for the past 5 months because we need the money and I am struggling, luckily I have a supportive boss who is considering me working part time and partly at home. Hope this helpsx

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