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HealthUnlocked (HU) Emojis

HealthUnlocked (HU) Emojis

Hello Everyone! :)

Here's how to do Emojis here on HU

:) colon shift0

:( colon shift9

;) semi-colon shift0

:-/ colon forward slash

:D colon capital D

:P colon capital P

:O colon capital O

8-) colon dash shift0

:'( colon ' (

:X colon capital X

Also for the ones above if you hoover the mouse over them it will show you the keys to use to make them.

If you want to use different ones and do not have a hand held device , then PC users can go to the following website and a majority of these work here in HU too....

There are loads to choose from ...a few examples below


Hope this helps :)

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Updated: 15th September 2017

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