Rib area tender

Does anyone have pains, stabs and tenderness in back ribs NOT front so not costo. They hurt to sit back at times even with a pillow. Also they hurt at rest not just on movement. I dont think it Is the actual ribs more what is around them. Have had chest x rays all clear but still hurts. I know fibro and cost go hand I hand but this is middle back and lower rib areas not sternum or sidez


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17 Replies

  • Sorry for typos, not used to a tablet as yet. Would be nice to know if others have rib area hurt to rest back or lie on. Also if it hurts when still.

  • yes I do but it is back, around the sides and front so I think mine is mainly costo - sorry if this does not help you.

    Jacqueline x

  • I get that quite a lot. I think it's just another fibro thing. They feel kinda like they're bruised but they're not. This can happen anywhere on my body not just my ribs but the type of pain that I believe you are referring to most often happens in my back and ribs xx

  • Thank you both, Harper so am I right in thinking you have experienced the pains on resting back on a chair. Mjne hurts even with a cushion

  • Yes actually I get pains even with a cushion too, but I get the sensation of a numbing pain when lying on my back/shoulders and it spreads down my arms. My left side is the worst for it xx

  • Thanks Harper you have really helped. I hate fibro

  • Me too sweetie, me too xx

  • Hi bourne62

    Costochondritis can affect the back as well as the front of the chest wall.

    Have you tried using Ibuprofen gel?

    I hope you get some relief soon.

    Lu xx

  • Blue Mermaid, everything I read says costo is caused by the cartlidge between sternum and ribs. I have nompains in front at all. All my pain is mid back towards spine. How can this still be costochondritis. Would be interested to know if a yone has had that diagnosis and has no chest pains

  • I am just going by what I was told by a Paramedic and by my GP.

    Many apologies. I was just trying to help.

  • No need to apologise, I was just curious. Appreciate your help. Still not sure where costo pains are though lol

  • I would also like to say how great this group is. You always respond and usually so quickly. I have various long term problems but there is always someone out there who helps. Thanks for being there. Imsuffer terrible health anxiety and it is tood to know others with fibro have similar symptoms. Imhave had many scans x rays etc so always consult the drs but you guys live this every day.


    Sorry I cannot type on this darned tablet and for so e reason if I backspace to correct it posts the reply

  • We are all here to support each other sweetie! I'm a massive hypochondriac. I see an unexplained bruise and think I have leukaemia haha. I've had a number if scared so I can really relate to what you're feeling.

    I can't type on tablets or iPad either! xx

  • Yes I get pains more in my back and side ribs not really at the the front and went to gp twice because I thought it was costo but have been told twice its muscular. It comes on out of the blue and can have me crying with the pain. I have it at the mo and It feels like Im stabbed in the shoulder blade and side ribs just under armpit and I cant move with the pain. Ive tried my tens machine but no relief and just now using voltarol 12 hour hoping its strong enough to ease it.

    Hugs Joolz.x

  • I get this too and was told in hospital by the specialist respiratory nurse that it is inflammation of the cartilage and muscles between the ribs, i.e. costo.

  • I get this in my back from bottom of ribs up to my neck wich I can't move particularly sore around shoulder blade painful when breathing , was told by doc it's just another symptom of fibro not costo ,

    I just have to wait it out till it passes that can take days only on co- codamol for pain relief as I have other conditions and meds that don't mix well so very reluctant to try anything stronger at the moment

  • Yep I get this. In fact this is what started my initial pain. The medical profession though I had kidney stones but no, so yes it's Fibromyalgia from my point of view. When I'm particularly in pain, this symptom hits me hard, it's a nauseating pain, like toothache, it a nerve pain. What a shame . Take care. X

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