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Hi i have loads of days where i just have to rest housework left for dont have energy by this time to cook eat heathly meals. On a good day can do a bit. Evan thouggt anout getting someone in as much i dont want that but trlise cant keep on not eating.also with liveong on my own have no family finds it making poorly to go intown for stuff or apointments cause of energys tbat inturns makes me mentaly poorly.also struggling with pain .they stop my pip for top mobillty. Realy in need of mobillty schooter.i can walk into a clothers shop but then not have energy to look at them all.

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  • Hi

    Have you contacted Social Services and asked for assessment they may be able to provide support .

    Their are also some companies that deliver good quality frozen meals may be worth looking into


  • Thankyou think i need too been going on for years not having a proper dinner. But i still dont want to but knosw i have too

  • We learn to make life as easy as possible but it is a hard lesson


  • Oh Cathy1110, you really are suffering. I really feel for you my lovie.

    I truly wish I could help but I agree with Rose54. Perhaps they can help you.

    Sending big hugs xxx

  • Thankyoux

  • So sorry to hear that things are so bad. My dad used to have Wiltshire Farm Foods and then Oakhouse Foods when we moved and couldn't get Wiltshire Farm Foods.

    Both are really good, I've tried them and they are very tasty. You cook them in the oven or microwave. They are a franchise, so the local team are small and enthusiastic and will deliver to your freezer.

    You can order a trial package to start and then you choose your weekly order online or from a seasonal brochure by phone. When I forgot to order, they would ring up. They cater for special diets and small appetites as well.

    I can't recommend both companies enough.

    Gentle hugs

  • Thankyou very muchx

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