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Numb legs

Hi there only been diagnosed a week and that was by my GP... although I have pain elsewhere most of my pain is in my legs and I have not been able to walk for 10 days.... over the last 2 days I have noticed the bottom of my legs have become quite numb to the touch.. wandering if anybody else has had this.... also wandering if my GP has diagnosed me correctly ...have an appointment to see him in a weeks time ....feeling concerned...

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Hi Flower47,

Numbness is a symptoms of fibromyalgia. I get numb hips, tights, heels and face. I was referred to MRI and neurologist when I finally decided to tell the doctor as my back started hurting and also got numbness there. Maybe talk to your doctor about your symptoms and ask to be referred to someone who can rule out any other issues.

If the numbness continues to concern you call 111 for advice. Or if needs be go to A&E.

Clumsy 🎀


I like Clumsy_Mrs have had MRI's done about it - two full bodies and then just my pelvis. I have a worn down vertebra but its not serious and that was all that they had to say really! Xxxx

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Hi there so it can be quite normal the numbness this is something I didn't know so thank you x


Hey Hun,

So my pain is mostly based in my pelvis and spine, but over the years has moved down into my legs. I get severe shooting pains in them along with a stabbing sensation and they also give way which is fun! As for numbness, I get it mainly in my hands and feet but sometimes in my legs as well. I know it is really scary and concerning but it is part of what fibro entails. At first you will get symptoms and pains that you think cannot possibly be connected but after time and speaking to others you realise its 'normal' if anything about Fibro is normal! Best thing to do is what you've done - book an appointment with your GP but also post on here, you will find hundreds of people who are feeling like you are and that always makes you feel a bit better xxxx

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Thank you Hun for your reply and insight in what this awful illness can do ... I'm just beginning this journey... worried but you put my mind at rest that numbness can be normal.. hope you are having a good Day and not in to much pain


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