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I am new to this site but a 20+ or more years sufferer. Has anyone any experience/results of a small intestine bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) breath test. First heard about it on TVs Dr Chatterjee Doctor in the House programme. Seen an NHS gastroenterologist this week and now waiting for the test kit to arrive. My GP had never heard if it. Just wondered if anyone out there had any experience. Thanks for reading.

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Hello and a warm welcome to our friendly forum. Our mother site fmauk.org has a wealth of information about fibro including guides and links.

I am sorry I can be of no help to you as this is the first time I have seen SIBO mentioned. It sounds as though it can be pretty nasty for the poor tum, hope you get a good outcome with the testing kit so you can get some relief very soon.

Hope to see you around the forum



Never heard of it.

It's hard enough getting the h pylori test.

Will you have to take antibiotics?


Will decide on my next course of action once I get the result. I think antibiotics, which I am not keen on, probiotics and diet change with the assistance if a regulated dietician. Nutritionist are ok but unregulated, so you have to be careful. As I say I first heard of SIBO in the last episode of Doctor in the House featuring a woman with fibromyalgia. Good luck with your fibro journey.

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I used supplements to get rid of h pylori instead of anti bs


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