Small Intestine Bacteria Overgrowth (SIBO)

Small Intestine Bacteria Overgrowth (SIBO)

Hi Everyone! :)

Here's a little information for everyone about SIBO (also known as Blind Loop Syndrome in some literature)

You Tube Video by Organic Olivia explains about SIBO in detail.....although I am not suggesting you buy any of the products she mentions necessarily. She refers to Acne but it is the same principle to work at making your gut health better, eliminating bad bacteria & increasing friendly bacteria.

Please know most of these Probiotic drinks in the supermarket do not deliver enough friendly bacteria - so don't waste your money here :) I am currently taking L-Lyscine (amino acid) as explained in the Video as £9 (relatively affordable) - it has improved my hair (used to fall out), nails (used to break, have ridges, weak) and skin. I have found that a product in Holland & Barrett called Yeast Raiders (£25 a month so not cheap!) is helpful after the above to keep the stomach stable and yeast growth at bay.

Doctors can test the Microbiome as in the 'Doctor in the House' program, however if you cannot get the DR to agree (as often you can't) - some people believe in the spit test (sounds disgusting I know!!) Google the spit test for more information - however do remember most people say it is isn't 100% reliable.

Also, you might like to check out SIBO/Candida diets and Dr Michael Moseley Gut Diet Plan ..... our brain & gut are linked in relation to Neurotransmitters (which in Fibromyalgia can be elevated or considerably low). Therefore, looking to help you gut health should help the neurotransmitters reducing symptoms and fingers crossed help sleep too. Plus Colonic Irrigation may help but again usually around £45-50 per session.

I hope this helps explain all about this and you find it interesting, I have mentioned lifestyle changes can help but we need to come together to lobby for research :)

Keep fighting guys - please know that you are likely to get worse before feeling any benefits from improving your gut health as many experience a Herxheimer Reaction

Emma :)

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  • Next time shall have the yeast raider.

    Don't really want to take antibiotics. They upset your gut with the flora.

  • Exactly, overuse of antibiotics can do that (bandaid for the issue) I should have added that in the post really ......duh my Fibro Fog! Thanks for adding this helpful point spider555 :)

  • Thanks Emma, sounds really interesting. Sorry not had time to watch the video though x

  • Thank you so much for this, I have just started on the probiotics from the supermarket lol because of this, will Google L-lysine now instead!

  • Hi Yorkiefan

    No worries.... L-lysine isn't a probiotic though but can help gut health (please google benefits as many links unfortunately have advertising on - Dr Axe explains all about it)

    Please know that you are likely to get worse before feeling any benefits from improving your gut health as many experience a Herxheimer Reaction.

    I hope this helps improve you symptoms

    Emma :)

  • Can I ask, what is a Herxheimer Reaction? I'm learning all the time, and concerned my gut issues are at the root of a lot of my problems.

  • Of course ...... sorry should have explained further ....copied from the internet to explain in full - Herxheimer Reaction is a short-term (from days to a few weeks) detoxification reaction in the body. As the body detoxifies, it is not uncommon to experience flu-like symptoms including headache, joint and muscle pain, body aches, sore throat, general malaise, sweating, chills, nausea or other symptoms

    I must add that I do not think this is present in all people living with Fibro/ME as I believe it is not associated to the conditions merely something that if you have may make the symptoms worse. We still need to lobby and fight for research for the underlying problem, cause and ultimately cure as I have mentioned before :)

    However, there is some research to say that Gut health can impact on neurotransmitters so therefore is likely to make symptoms worse. The underlying neurological condition is present and if you have SIBO it is possible it is affected by poor gut health but this is for symptom control rather than a cure :)

    Hope this helps

    Emma :)

  • Yes thank you very much. 😊👍

  • It's definitely a it gets worse before better type scenario in most cases and I think some people think that's made me worse! Understandably after feeling so rotten they stop taking whatever they are using instead of pushing through it. :)

  • Also it's knowing and finding out whether you have SIBO alongside your Fibromyalgia diagnosis that is tricky especially if medical professionals are reluctant to test .....due to everything being apparently all down to Fibro ! Private testing it probably available I imagine but I wouldn't know who to recommend or how much this costs :)

  • I am considering seeing a nutritionist and I think she might be able to organise testing for this.

  • Yes probably of luck :)

  • Just watched Dr Michael Moseley's The Truth about Sleep and he said he tried the following supplements Bimuno Powder (30 sachets for £9.99 ....cheaper option but without the Yeast Raider components that claim to keep the yeast and bad bacteria regrowth)

    Bimuno Powder a prebiotic ......not to be confused with Probiotics.... plus many advocate colon & parasite cleanse usually if you know if you have SIBO (via medical test) followed by recolonizing the friendly gut bacteria.

    Interesting watch.....has anyone else seen it?

    Emma :)

  • Yes I did watch it, I have a friend with really bad sleeping problems and thought I might find a way to help her. She has some strong sleeping tablets from the doctor, but rations them, so she only takes one now and again. In between, her sleep is awful.

  • I've got Pollitox capsules for a detox.

    Hopefully they might help someone.

  • I am sure it will .......the FAB thing about this community is we can suggest these things and usually it will help someone that may have this on top of Fibromyalgia. I think as soon as Parliament is open again I think a new petition to provide Fibro patients with a Microbiome test as part of the whole process might be a good idea! :)

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