Should have turned left at Clapham Junction

Should have turned left at Clapham Junction

In our local railway town, Eastleigh where they were marking (I refuse to say celebrating) the end of Southern steam 50 years ago. Love the little Isle of Wight road train which was making chuffing noises and fake smoke.

Again sorry I haven't been around much of late. when I look in I have to scroll down so much, even my laptop gets tired.

Big hugs to all my friends. XX

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  • Nice to see the IOW road train taking time out on the North Island! Do you know anything about the black locomotive?

    Thank you as always for posting the pics.

  • :D :D :D

    It's 34007 Wadebridge posing as 34019 Bideford. West Country Class. both built during the war. 89 tons without tender and the truck that brought it broke down en route. oops

    The loco is supposed to be green but was dirtied up for the occasion to represent the neglect in their last months.

  • Many thanks for that, all very interesting! Just found a photo of 34007 and she looks much better green! A really classy loco, but I can understand the reasons for depicting the neglect.

    Wouldn't like to have been stuck behind the truck when it broke down!

  • so where would we see Tigger the Train? Ryde? Shanklin? :)

  • Sadly, the were sold to a man from Llandudno in 2011. Not sure if Tigger the Tiger was in Ryde or Shanklin, as we lived in West Wight. Sad all the same though.

  • I like that other island, West Wight. Going there for my hols in a few weeks. And having navigated Afton Marsh, I can truly claim to have circumnavigated it :P

  • Indeed you can Mr B! Looking forward to seeing more IOW pics. 🙂

  • Once again excellent pics fenbadger .

    Take care on your travels.



  • Thanks my friend, absolutely wonderful photos. The second photo (not sure why?) but it reminded me of Lincoln whereby the trains go through the city centre on the way in and out of the station :) :)

  • Lovely photos MrB. I've always enjoyed steam trains, the smell is so evocative. It takes me back to childhood.

  • I never left it :P

  • Hee hee hee! 😁😁😁

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