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Interestingly ~ The Divided Mind (1-5) Fibromyalgia Pain Treatment - The Epidemic of Mindbody Disorders

Interestingly ~ The Divided Mind (1-5) Fibromyalgia Pain Treatment - The Epidemic of Mindbody Disorders

"As far as Dr Sarno and his colleagues are concerned, fibromyalgia is a severe form of TMS, and is best treated like any other form of TMS, i.e. by providing knowledge and understanding of the true source of the pain. The core of this treatment is a lecture presentation in which Dr. Sarno (or a colleague) leads the patients through a process of realisation of the relationship between emotions and physical symptoms and explains to them the importance of understanding what is going on as the basis for curing many common pain syndromes."

Although he is promoting his book ~ there is much information here to digest and ponder. I have always believed that the emotions and mind play a huge part in the way we feel. Yes there are other factors but this is why many GPs offer CBT or counselling... I am posting this as an educational tool of awareness for self help.

Video ~ talk.. links...1 to 5


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Very interesting as I know stress triggers my flare ups.... Love your note in the photo.... I hope while I am awake in some one else dream I am doing something more exciting than I do daily :)

Hugs VG x


Morning Verygrumpy... Yes but Id just like to know who it is so I can thank them...giggle...

Its interesting listening and experiences on the basis of the Dr is on what he has seen covering thousands of patients with pain disorders...

I so believe that holistic, mind power, positivity can help.. it does not take away that this condition is very real and we are not going mad.. but its a way of coping. Self awareness and knowledge holds great power for anyone suffering any type of pain.. for its getting to the route cause.. traditionally Drs just eliminate what it is my going through symptoms to bring about what it is.. I hope you have enough energy to listen to them all.. so get comfortable and grab a drink and snack...

Have a great day. With hugs back to you.

x ;-)


I'll watch this when I'm less foggy to do it justice.

Julie xx


Fibromyalgia Pain 1

This is a condensed view.

"Let the misty shadow cloud leave in its place clarity of light"

Hugs x


With this a thought springs to 'mind' (sorry); Medicine is a science. Any scientist worthy of the name must be able to keep an open mind in all things because a closed mind cannot but run a very real danger of missing some very obvious signs of an answer to almost any question. This must be all the more important in medicine because you are dealing with PEOPLE. On that basis, what does that tell us about the sceptics among the medical fraternity who are assessing our ability/disability? I would seriously question their qualification for their capacity to do this job at all? I dont mean a medical degree which is all about passing exams, I am talking about the capacity as a HUMAN BEING to undertake the task at all!!!


Acutally Tulips123, you are correct in your description... I often question and wonder about some of the so called medical professionals and often reflect back the mirror of them looking at me as if I have ten heads... that they must actually have a 100!!!...

With fibro and other connective nerve disorders.. I do feel that many are missing the cause.. the root problem... yes fibro is a mystery.. but not to us "fibro fighters" as I like to term... we may lack the medical understanding but on a daily basis we are dealing with it, trying to come to terms with it and suffering the consequences of the impact that this hugely debiliating condition shares with us. I have ordered the said book and will read with interest.. I have the feeling that much will resonate and make sense but some with not whatsoever, I can even predict that I may feel the anger sensation and the relief feeling at the same time.. however on a medical viewpoint and holistic viewpoint.. I feel we have a long way to go until prove and cure come into alignment and that could well be from a fibrofighter and not just science. The mind does indeed play a huge part in ALL that we do and are... but for me a root cause must come from some form of "trigger" not trigger pain points but the beginning of the story linking to this and any other condition,disease,syndrome.

My head is fully engaged now...and I intend to seek and find answers.. I may even test myself... ;-) x


I dont think I'm far behind you. I spent so long in the mental health system (funny I dont think) and mental health only started to improve once I found the strength to pull away. I had a few years of relative peace and happiness when my wonderful husband died at which point the nightmare that was my past sprang back to life, and a rapid/severe deterioration in physical health was a stark and unmistakeable sign leading to the place I'm at now.

I too want answers. I found this site in May. I was instantly struck by a sense of the kindness of these strangers that for the very 1st time, I had so much in common with. Not just pain or fatigue or 1000+1 other seemingly unrelated & debilitating problems, but also clearly searching for answers. How many of the daily blogs do you see that start with something like "does anyone else get so&so...?"

My husband always used to say NEVER lose hope. I have every good reason to trust in every word he said to me. My health at the moment is quite poor. However I would very much appreciate if you could from time to time keep in touch? I have a strong feeling that answers are on the horizon! We NEED those answers. We are not lazy scroungers looking for "an easy life" (if people only knew).

When I get a bit better I would love to join forces and I'm sure there are others on here who would be interested as well. Please keep posting (your health permitting!) I feel more hopeful now than I have done for quite some time so thank you. :) :)


Bless you I am sending you copious amounts of love... Faith and hope is like a light at the end of the tunnel..your husband was right to tell you that.. so hold on to that okay.. it is the strength within AND yes I do believe that answers will come.. a cure not sure, maybe... but definately a way to relief ... Would love to keep in touch... Yes joining forces.. maybe doing our own study as "fibrofighters" .. think we should all get our heads together.. For now I hope you are sleeping soundly and have comfort. Take care x ;-) x


what is tms please


This info, too, would serve well as a permanent post at the head of the forum. IMHO.


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