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Hi all hope your well my question to you all is this right now I have a virus and a urine infection 😡😤😖😔but all over I'm achy back pain is off the chart the poor signals with fibro tell my body everywhere is in pain.

It's so annoying that any illness brings on a flare up does anyone else experience this when there ill and any help please if you know what can ease the flare ups.

Many thanks to you guys

Maxiane xx

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Hello and welcome to our lovely forum I do hope you enjoy meeting the others members in similar positions. Please keep sharing I know other will support you and share there stories the admin team are here to support you on your journey.

Please take a look at our mother site where you will find a great deal of useful and informative information.

The pinned post on the homepage will help you in navigating around the site guidelines and locking your posts to the world wide web and social media.

In the Topics section there is also information on symptoms and treatments let me know if you would like me to send you the link.

So sorry to here you are having difficulty I think most people symptoms increase when they are ill and the pain can be exhausting.

Good luck on your journey my friend



Thank you so much ken this site. Helps me a lot


Hello smmac23 , I see this is your first post with us so giving you a warm welcome to our friendly fibro forum where you can get advice, support, understanding and information, along with a chuckle or two to lighten the day.

I think when we have picked up a virus or infection, our immune systems are already under strain with fibro and struggle to cope. Having a flare during, or immediately after an illness is extremely common, and really the only things you can do is to eat nourishing food and have plenty of rest.

Warm baths in Epsom salts can bring relief as can heat pads and magnesium spray, but on the whole you have to sit it out, sorry. :(

Looking forward to seeing you around the forum.



Hi there

The answer to your question is a big fat yes!! Any type of other illness or stress will send your usual Fibro symptoms into orbit and cause a flare.

I have had so many urine infections I have lost count of them.

Try avoiding caffeine as much as you can. Don't drink too much water otherwise you'll flood your bladder. Keep sipping water all day rather than drinking a whole glass in one go.

Avoid any concentrated juices. Also try Lemon Barley. I don't know why but it seems to help a lot.

The obvious one is Cranberry juice but it can be very dry to drink. You can buy Cranberry vitamins in most supermarkets.

If you drink any alcohol it's best to avoid that as well whilst you have the infection.

I hope that some of this helps. Please rest as much as you can and be kind to yourself.

Lu xx


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