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Acid Reflux and fibromyalgia

Living with fibro is a constant learning curve. Each turn taking a period of adjustment. The latest for me is severe acid reflux. I thought taking ibuprofen for 3 months to try and help back pain was the cause. The only relief i got from this was acupuncture and heat. I have now realised it was a recent stomach bug that has triggered it. Gaviscon helps a little and ginger ale. Only eati g small healthy meals doesnt seem to help.

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Welcome to our wonderful forum

I am so sorry to hear that you have been diagnosed with fibromalygia but very happy that you have found us.

You may like to have a look at our mother site, which contains some very useful information


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Good luck on your journey my friend


Hi Ladyjul, I also suffer from acid reflux and I have had to adjust my diet. I cut out night shade vegetables (tomatoes trigger my acid reflux) and oily foods.

Try liquorice or/and marshmallows. They help settle my tummy upsets.

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Hi and welcome to our friendly and helpful forum, I'm sure you'll find lots of help on here.

I have acid reflux too and I can't take ibuprofen at all as it sets it off, when. I Get a flare up I take Lansopronol? Until it settles down, I also find Apple cider vinegar very helpful as it cuts the acid apparently, I haven't tried acupuncture , I can't eat after 9pm , hope yours settles down soon, take care

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Hello Ladyjul ,

I think taking Ibruprofen can make acid reflux more likely if you take it frequently? This happened to me and I tried having smaller portions and tried to avoid eating meals late in the day.

I also had plenty of days where I stopped eating very tomato based food, cut back or stopped eating very mature cheese alongside giving up coffee if i had the acid feeling and tried hard to reduce chocolate because I found coffee and chocolate made the acid reflux much worse? Eating large portions of meat made it worse too . So I tried eating more fish and lentils to get protein from other sources. This definitely helped me get fewer episodes of acid reflux? I think it is a matter of trial and error to find your triggers?

Instead, I had chamomile tea or builders tea and ate more scrambled eggs and natural yogurt? I found these things really helped reduce the frequency and intensity of my acid symptoms.

I hope you find things that work for you too ?

It can take a while but it helped me. Although. if i feel unusually stressed I get acid reflux out of the blue , whatever i eat.

I hope you find a solution too.

Best wishes xx


Hi there let me wish you a wonderful warm welcome to our great group. We have such a wonderful wealth of information on our mother site you may wish to take a peek at


So sorry to hear you are suffering with acid reflux. I touch wood don't have a big problem with this thankfully but when i do Gaviscon tends to settle it down. I hope you find something that may help you please feel welcomed xx


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Hi Ladyjul,

I have read your post with interest. It has been established by natural doctors that acid reflux is actually too little acid in the stomach. When there is too little acid the "valve" opens up and releases acid. Please google it with the right words. A normal medical doctor doesn't know this and will prescribe anti-acid medication which will compound the problem. One can get tablets that will increase the acid in your stomach and then the "valve" will not open.

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Hi there, I get really bad reflux, I have to be careful with tomatoes and all raw veg so there goes my salads. Oily fish have recently become a no no, Also anything with fat in it not only meat but pastry,cakes and biscuits.

The big surprise was sweetener. I was often totally puzzled by the fact that i coudnt eat sweet things, not even rice puddings, I could eat boiled rice but not a rice pudding. I was also having problems with my home made trifles

Then i tried a new sweetener. Stevia instead of a sacherin based one and a lot of my reflux stopped, it took a few weeks to put 2+ 2 together but the relief of not suffering almost every night is amazing. I still get it but nowhere near as often.



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