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Cold fingers

Hi fibro family

Hope you guys are coping well with the everyday stress and pain fibro causes .I have had very cold fingers almost all the time and my fingers turn blue when exposed to extreme cold ,however when I put my hand in warm water my fingers become very red .Has anyone experienced something similar?I am also positive for ANA and anti-Ro antibodies.

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Hello some one is awake then 👌 I can't say any part of my body goes blue but I do Have numbness and pain in my fingers Sounds like you may have circulation problems , best you see your doctor

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Sounds as though you may have Raynaulds disease as it can cause very similar symptoms to what you are describing. I presume when they start to warm up they are quite painful? If you have they an sometimes give you medication that can help so it might be worth seeing your GP.

The rest of my body can be warm but I often have freezing hands and feet as do quite a few forum members I find it quite disconcerting in the summer. I have been like that very since I have had fibro.x


Talk to your gp and ask about Raynaulds disease, it has to do with your circulation. There are medicines you can try. All the best and sleep well

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Hi ayesham

I really am so truly sorry to read this my friend and the others could be right when they mention Raynaulds disease? I have pasted you a link to the NHS Choices cache on this issue below:

If this persists or gets any worse please talk to your doctor about it? I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck and please take care of yourself my friend.

All my hopes and dreams for you



I agree it is probably Raynauds disease it runs in our family but as others say best get it checked.....x


Hi Ayesham - You have my empathy - I used to have this when I was a kid growing up in Denver (Colorado), and it was terribly painful. It is hard in an area like that one to NOT want to go outside and sled, ski or ice skate. I did all of that, but when they warmed up, it made me scream in pain. May I suggest some pocket warmers? I keep them with me in the fall or winter even now



I've just seen my GP for my blood results, all was ok, but she did not know I had osteoporosis, (that annoyed me), so another tablet. I told them about my daughter suggested fibromyalgia, because her symptoms are the same as mine, but I also get the the 2 end fingers and thumb, (the base of the thumb has pins & needles but a swellen at the joint which is Arthrtis, but my 2 end fingers are continuously numb, hurts even it you press on them esp on the tips, plus I have lumps that protrude quite a bit at the side where the wrist is), I'm waiting for a scan for this, but they go cold, and feel cold inside although on the outside they feel the same as the rest of my fingers. My GP agreed that it could be as it sounds the same but there is no test for it plus I'm on the medication which they would prescribe , I'm already on for another health issue. I'm due to see the pain management team in a few weeks time.

I really feel for Erny as yourself just don't know what it is? I hope you find out and get somewhere, and take the info that you get on here because they help you so much (GP's are not to keen on sites like these), but they have certainly have helped me.

Good luck

Kind regards



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