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Bank pain

so went to see specialist today over pain in feet, after having mri scan and nerve conduction tests, turns out my nerve is being squeezed by my t5 &t4 disc.

waiting to see another specialist now but looking at surgery, but ppl are saying dont as it can make you worse and more painful. Been put on morphine patches and another tab that you put under your tongue as pain is that bad anyone else had this operation thanks sue.

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Sorry to hear you have been diagnosed with this condition on top of your fibro, it must have been pretty devastating to learn you need an operation.

My advice would be to find out as much as you can, and, if you are not easily put off, have a look at youtube.

I do not know of anyone who has had this done so cannot give you any anectdotal advice.

Perhaps it would be worth asking your surgeon the percentage rate of successful pain relief and movement before you decide.

Soft hugs

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Hi kane0102 I'm sorry you have got this problem with you disc & nerve pain. I can associate a little with that as I have nerve damage in my back & feet, I am also on patches & take Codiene aswell PRN.

I don't know much about this particular operation but I think any operation you have when you have fibromyalgia because of the heightened pain we feel & not able to recover as quickly as a healthy person. I can't see it possible to have an operation that would make you worse, have you asked what the success rate for this operation is ? Is it likely that it wouldn't work, or make your pain worse ? I would discuss with your doctor as they are pretty honest normally with things like this.

As bluebell99 says, find out as much as you possibly can about it before you decide my friend & i wish you luck with it all & do let us know.

Luv Jan xx


Hi kane0102

I am so genuinely sorry to read this my friend and I have not experienced anything of this nature. I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck with your surgery, and please take care of yourself.

All my hopes and dreams for you



thankyou theauthor I really appreciate your message, will keep everyone updated on what the specialist says. Kane0102

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Thank you and good luck my friend.


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