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Puppy love


Does anyone know if dogs are therapeutic for us fibromyalgia sufferers ?? I am getting a small chihuaua cross jackrussell pup in march wonder if anyone can give me a heads up on this ?? My daughter (8) wants a big dog but I don't think I can manage a whippet even with my arthritis in my joints I think she's getting to understand just how poorly her mama really is ...Just wish the JC would ! X.

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Hi I have a dog and live on my own and she is great company and I wouldn't be with out her. However, she is getting on and don't need long walks or is ok to be around the house when I have a flare up. If your daughter is willing to help in the care of the dog then yes but a small one. Hope this helps, take care x

Yes ..She's a good girl she is older for her years and having a small dog around will give her a companion as she's an only child (just herself and I).. she said she will help. I was fostering dogs but really the ones they want me to take was bigger dogs.so no go now. she was helping me clear up after them, as I can't bend down now so I think she's ready for her own now even if it means sharing him for a bit lol ...

Hi My-chinaman

I would have personally thought that dogs are therapeutic to most people with long term illnesses as they can help relieve and reduce stress and anxiety levels? I also perosnally think that a small dog would be easier to manage i.e. less walking required. I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck and please take care of yourself my friend.

All my hopes and dreams for you


I got my friend who was suffering from post op pain and depression a chihuahax jr and its the best thing i could of done. He is an adorable little chap with a huge heart and very brave despite his statute, i dont think anyone has told him hes a small dog.I an sure you will get back 10 times the love you put in and a pile of dedicatiom thrown in. Whilst they dont stay puppies they always look puppyish and im sure your little girl would love the dog instantly. Work on training off the lead as well as on so that the dog will stop on command and sit for you at a distance so you dont have to worry about distraction and chases. I live in a care facility and unfortunately for the first time in my 56 years i am not allowed a dog, its so hard to accept not having a little buddy.


deejames in reply to Leonwp

I agree Leon. Training from the first day will ensure that your dog gets the most out of living with humans and is not a pest. There are so many dogs now who are not trained at all and as a result spend their lives on leads. Dogs need to run and jump and get dirty and most of all interact sociable with other dogs.


I could live without people, but certainly couldn't live without my dogs and cats. I've never been very sociable and have always been an animal person. My furry babes feed my soul and I've shared my life with animals since I was six. As I'm getting older (am now 63) and the fibro has become so much more challenging, my animals give me a focus and a reason not to give up. They give me a purpose each day, an important reason to get up and live my life as best I can, and the dogs get me out of the house and give me human interaction with the people we meet on their walks. I ride my mobility scooter and the dogs walk alongside. I'd be a hermit without them. I currently have three dogs and four cats - the cats are all disabled and the dogs all have chronic medical conditions, so we're all crocks together! I look after them and they look after me and we all help each other through each day. I couldn't bear life without them. I know four cats and three dogs seems like a lot, but I've cut down. I used to have eight disabled cats, two dogs, thirteen rats, seven hamsters and three gerbils (all rescued, I don't like animals being kept in cages)!!!

Most definitely!! xx

Remember small dogs need just as much exercise and atteniton as large ones. Will you be able to commit to taking your new dog out at least twice a day ?

If you can be sure you have the time and energy to do all the caring then a dog can be a great motivation to be more active and involved with life as well as a loving and entertaining companion. Expensive though with insurance and worming as well as food etc.


My-chinaman in reply to deejames

My daughter will be his main carer I will be her watcher oner yes I know I have had dogs before I know they are expensive I know they need exercise I need to get out of the flat (which has a garden) if it didn't I wouldn't contenplate getting a dog .. the garden is fenced off so he can go out there when he needs too. thepup will get walked taking my girl to school and then walked again when she gets home in the common no problems .....

I have an indoor lap dog. Well he's a border collie that thinks he's s lap dog lol. He certainly gives me company during the day. I'm used to always being at work in care, so he helps me not feel too isolated. I do wish he was a nice rescue greyhound though as I would have to take him for 2 20 mins walks a day instead of housebounding myself as I have now. It would also ensure regular excersize which would be beneficial. But I have a dog who needs a lap and won't go out. Further housebounding me

deejames in reply to Aelin

Is he sick ? I am very surprised at a collie not needed lot of exercise and stimulation . Has he maybe got lazy ?

Aelin in reply to deejames

He was from a puppy farm I think. Totally insocialised the whole litter was shaking with fear when we saw them. We tried but as he got older he got worse. He can't go for walks because of the fear. He sits and growls at everyone and everything that passes the window and even is highly reactive to animals on tv. He's fine with individuals but more than one person at a time is to much stress. It's such a shame as he is such an affectionate animal. If I was well I might be able to help him but unfortunately it's too much work for me at the moment

My-chinaman in reply to Aelin

Sounds like a pup I just looked after he was a street dog from Spain just couldn't get through to him so the pound took him back someone else with more experience has him now but he wasn't too bad as only a baby but hopefully they can help him

nightmare1 in reply to Aelin


I've got two rescued greyhounds and I take them out for a walk in the morning and my husband the evening they are such great company when I'm on my own

There's absolutely no doubt animals are therapeutic. Pets as therapy is a growing movement. I've met a few. However, aside from stroking them and company they do need walks other than in their own garden and visits to vet. if you're confident you can get this done in ANY weather then go for it. Its worth it. Apparently retired greyhounds are good pets. They mostly like to curl up by the fire or on someone's lap.

There was a report last week (as if we need it) about birds raising our mood. I say this in the context of living next to a starling murmuration that is locally famous. Its not just birds.

How can greyhounds be a lap dog ?????

They do honest. After a lifetime of racing most of them just want a rest and affection. Might be worth exploring

I knew someone with a Great Dane that insisted on sitting on his lap while he watched tv! Just a big baby, used to climb up and fall asleep in his arms.

MavG in reply to fenbadger

Watching Starlings of an evening is-absolutely fantastic saw one massive murmuration when on River Nene. Never forgotten it lasted a long time as was magical. Love nature.

Omg yes. Ive got a shitz su and wen iam in a flare in bed she curls right up to be and shes no bother. Dont get me wrong she loves to play but wen iam poorly she must know as she never leaves my side xx

I think everyone knows that dogs are wonderful company especially when you are down and need a cuddle, but as already said it's a big responsibility, walking , food , vets bills , jabs etc which can be horrendous, Terriers especially can be a bit of a handful, we've owned a few, just remember, . A dog is for life

My-chinaman in reply to Mydexter

I know dogs are for life .....When I get our one it will be ....I foster dogs too and so many of them are so beautiful, I could keep them all ,but unfortunately I can't, before you say why don't I adopt one, it's because my daughter was attacked by one recently. aiso attacked by a collie when she asked if it was ok to pet. but this hasn't put her off ,luckily, I want one that has no traits put into him and bring up loving...Alot of the fostered dogs have traits in them due to a bad upbringing ...

Mydexter in reply to My-chinaman

Yes it's so sad, we've also fostered dogs, and we've always adopted rescue dogs, but luckily we had them all from puppies so we could bring them up our way, it breaks your heart when you go to the kennels and see all these beautiful older dogs who have been treated so badly by humans that they react that way through no fault of their own as they don't know what love is, hope you find the right one😃

Hi My-chinaman , I don't have a dog (because no yard) but I've read many, many post that say YES!!! I think it would be great for you and your daughter. Best wishes! ! Peck.🐤

my dogs keep me sane they know when it's a bad day and snuggle close. they are always pleased to see me and show there love,never judge or complain. they are amazing company and I have my rants with them so my family get less if the fibro show😃😃😃

Hello My-chinaman,,,,the chihuahua is a lap dog,,and only little walks needed,,,jack russells can be more energetic,,so I hope the chih bit takes over,,,and sitting stroking a dog is very relaxing and the gentle movements will keep your hands gently flexed and exercised,,,,my neighbour has a whippet,,and it is so calm,,,but I would only want a small dog,,,they don't get in the way,,,,good luck,,,ttfn from karen.

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