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Feel isolated

I sat down and cried with relief when i found this site. Sometimes i feel so alone with fibro, My dr knows only as much as i do about it and it's frustrating not knowing what sort medications are available. Currently am on co-codolmol and dihydrocodeine, which only help a bit with the pain and i am addicted to them. Have tried tramodol, but it only made me ill. Considered acupuncture, though the thought of needles anywhere near the pain sites does give pause for thought.

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Hi Maisy, welcome, don't feel alone, this group is very supportive.

It may take a while to sort your meds, you may be swapping and changing for some time too. It may be worth trying acupuncture, it's not as painful as it sounds, and it's interesting what Christine says about Fibro being understood differently in acupuncture too - need to do some reading about that.

I think we're all glad that we've found this site, and the numbers of people saying this are growing by the week. Take care.


Thank you for the warm welcomes, I will look into acupuncture, see how it goes.


Ii also have fibromyalgia and I am managing the pain

At the moment . It's the constant fatigue that gets

Me its so hard . Luckily my partner is very understanding

I too am glad I have found this site

Jan x


It is good to be able to have a moan when we are down and be positive when its not so bad! I don't want to depress my husband with constant talk of my aches and pains so it is very helpful to have this site,very good for everyone to not feel alone,cos people who don't have fibro find it hard to understand it.


Hello Maisy, I had acupuncture to give birth to my eldest and it was so weird. I saw the needles going in but I felt absolutely nothing! How can that be? Well the needles are so fine and the acupuncturist knows how to apply them, so please do not be afraid.

Regarding medications, I am on Lyrica morning and night and Amytriptyline at night. However I am also epileptic so I also have Tegretol for that. In addition I take co-dydramol during the day, but try to avoid taking it all the time, just when I have to.

Have you tried physio therapy and hydro therapy? The latter is lovely. You have to be careful you do not overdo it and rest afterwards, but its lovely and warm and feels safe. Ask your doctor to refer you. Your local hospital may have a pain management clinic too that your doctor could refer you to and I have found that the book my best friend got for me called Fibromyalgia for Dummies was a great help.

Hope this helps you. Soft hugs.


hi ive not long been with this site either i never realised before coming on here there are so many people going through the same things that i am so its refreshing knowing that you can talk to others and they understand and you can also be there for others !


Hi Maisy, I hope you are feeling happier and more supported today :-) It took a couple of years to get the right medicine mix for me, I have tramadol but also gabapentin which is a muscle relaxant and has worked miracles for me. My leg muscles were so tight I could barely walk. Still have pain constantly but I work on the basis that it reminds me not to over do things.

A big break through for me was a referral to the Pain management clinic at the local hospital. They were used to people with fibro which made me feel confident in their hands.



hi maisy,

I have had Fybro and ME for the past 19yrs and it's been a nightmare to find meds that suit, for me i now take OXYCONTIN AND OXYNORM however i have to supliment these at night with CO-CODAMOL, when i go through the usual insomnia periods i use NYTOL to get me though that until my sleep is regulated, their is a draw back to taking the NYTOL though, i find im very depressed the next day, but it usually only lasts for that one day and it does regulate my sleep pattern again for a while.

the thing to remember is that everyone has a unique experience whith Fybro, its taken me years to find how to live with mine and how to control it. I don't have an understanding family behind me with my Fybro and my husband left me 4yrs ago because of it and i lost my home, i now live in a horrible flat on my own no friends no social life. The warning is... try to find a way that works for you to control and live with your Fybro as soon as you can.; don't give up.

I wish you all the best. xx


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