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Hi, I've not been here for a while. Things are better at work, except my friend has left. Miss him a lot.😞

Also really fed up with the not being able to walk a normal distance. It's bothering me so much I'm actually dreaming of being back to my old self, window shopping for hours on a Saturday. Walking into town and back, just walking to the bus, getting on it and walking into work! My back and hips are affected. 😐

The annoying thing is I am sometimes okay to walk further and then fear losing DLA. It's horrid feeling you're being watched and so dare not walk too far. 😔

I'm just feeling a bit lost and alone. I've people I can talk to but that takes effort and right now I don't want to. 😐

So I guess I'm a little depressed. Maybe because it's come home to me just how long I've been using a wheelchair, mobility scooter, stick and pushing an office chair through doors to go from class to class.

Oh well. Bells gone so breaks over.

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Hi Sarah-Jane

I do believe we all have good and bad days. My advice to you is you feel up to walking one day just do it. It will give your morale a boost and help keep your leg muscles working - they can quickly deteriorate without use.

Do not worry about being called a fraud or a cheat - your award is based on averages and on your worst scenario so you cannot lose your award for making the effort.

You can chat on here any time and also speak to your GP if you are feeling a little down - I have only just been told I may depression and that it is increasing my pain and tiredness so never mind what those who don't know you may think - they don't matter xxx


Hi Sarah-Jane

I know exactly where you are coming from, but no one else sees what pain you go through just to get ready to go out and what pain and tiredness follow them good days.

I think the same especially when my neighbour commented to my husband, about me looking ok one day but in bed the next.

But like my husband pointed out they don't see what goes on behind closed doors. Sleepless nights up in agony. And all the other things us fibro friends have to put up with, they wouldn't want it for a day.

So don't worry about what someone might think enjoy life when you can.

Trace xxx


Not a good time at the moment but I do understand how you feel about talking to people I often feel the same but just try and get some time for yourself like take a walk in a park or anywhere where not to many people are and let time work it`s miracle you will feel better soon and please don`t worry to much about other people xx


I do agree walk when you feel like it just don't overdo it. Stop worrying about what everyone else thinks and worry about you. If you feel like you need something for depression ask your doctor. Try meditation or a hobby you enjoy! Do for you and let the rest go. If you do think about the past. Put a good spin on it. Like wow I one time I did this and now I know what it's like. What am I going do today that I may not be able to do in twenty years. I hope you understand. Hugs


I am so genuinely sorry to read that and I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck. You say that you think that you may be a ''little depressed'' if so, it may help to discuss this with your GP as they may be able to offer you some help in this area? I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you


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Hello, thank you all for your replies. You are all quite right and normally I do just what you have suggested. It does help.

The weather was dull and cold, which didn't help. But the sun came out and I was able to get back to myself. I do find a positive slant on things helps enormously, along with hobbies and meditation.

I hope you are all feeling at your best, if not, that you soon are.

Soft hugs


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