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Hello my body is so pained up what with the fibromyagia rheumatoid osteoarthritis and spondylitis I have trouble walking now I have 4 degenerative discs to and feels like my back is bulging this isn't a nice way to live I'll b speaking to my doctor tomox think I need something else to help me aswell as all the tablets I take have to c what she says and now brought my rheumatoid appointment forward to next month instead of July c what they say

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Hi Babsy_52 , many commiserations on your pain.

Have you investigated what the options are for your conditions like steroid injections, surgery etc? If you have something in mind you could ask your doctor's advice.

Glad to hear your rheumatology appointment has been brought forward, hopefully he will be able to give you stronger meds.

Hope it all goes well tomorrow.


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Hi bluebell99 I've had replacements done and also steroid injections basically u name it I've had it I can't take anything stronger then paracetamol as I'm seriously ill I take gabapentin for fibromyagia do u take that to and yea I rang rheumatology line yesterday got them to bring it forward and seeing my own doctor tomox


Hi Babsy_52

I really am so gneuinely sorry to read of how you are suffering and struggling, and I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck with your Rheumatology appointment, and please take care of yourself my friend.

All my hopes and dreams for you



I have the back bother to,did you talk with your dr?theres some physiotherapy videos that can help on youtube i did 1 thing they suggested for my neck pain and it was better the next morning.


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