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Morning all,

After 3 weeks or so of my FM steadily improving and feeling quite positive and optimistic I had a major flare up last night with the old shooting pains and incredible hyper sensitivity in chest stomach and legs doing their level best to deprive me of any sleep coming back with a vengeance . I'm trying to think what would have triggered this.

The only thing I did different than of recent weeks was to have had a particularly spicy Indian takeaway last night.

Does anyone else have experience of spicy food having a detrimental effect?

I look forward to your replys.

All the best


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  • Morning Jimbo9046 sorry your having a flare.

    Some do say that diet has a huge effect on fibro and I do agree to some extent.

    I have not noticed this with spicy food personally.

    To be honest I have flares that come from nowhere.

    I'm sure you will get a reply soon with the words I find comforting 'me too'. 😰

    Take care

    Angie xx

  • Thanks Angie. I have had a reply from an administrator who has the same reaction to spicy food.

    So that's now alcohol and curry on the don't do list. I might end up more healthy as a result. Lol


  • As if it wasn't bad enough before Jim 😭 x

  • Hi Jim...I love curry's and can honestly say they have never done that to me...I can have a flare for apparently no reason and like you couldn't fathom out what triggered it...Hope you feel better soon especially as you where doing so well....try to remain positive despite this set back.

  • Thanks. I will remain positive. I'm determined to not let this crappy condition take over my life.☺


  • Good morning ,

    Sometimes there are not alwsys answered to flare ups , at times I have blamed the weather, walking , even on the website for to long .

    Food additives I have read can effect fibro,

    Good luck i hope you feel better soon

    Loraine x

  • Thanks Lorraine. X

  • Hi Jimbo9046

    I have a massive flare up with spicy food, particulary chilli. I love chilli con carne but after having several bad reactions to it, have reluctantly eliminated it from my diet.

    My symptoms included seizing up, headaches, more pain than usual and a burning stomach that lasted for many hours.

    This also happens with Indian recipes. I can mangage a Korma but that is about it!


  • Thanks, I'm kinda getting that this condition is unpredictable and different things affect different people in different ways. But have already decided not to chance it again.


  • Hi Jimbo9046

    I am genuinely sorry to read this my friend and it could be the curry? I would personally try and elimination diet and keep cutting odd foods out and then adding them again to see what effect they have on you?

    I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck and please take care of yourself my friend.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


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